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  1. Thing is, there's also (C) "I have enormous power which I can grant to people who worship me" - and that's something that's not in dispute, because it can't be in dispute, because it actually happens. The real question is whether or not those worshippers understand the nature of what they're doing. Some say yes, some say no, but neither denies the fact that (C) does happen.
  2. Their rivalry with the Weasel clan is legendary.
  3. It's difficult to be an atheist when the gods themselves can come and whup your ass upside a tree. Not believing in the gods would be kind of akin to not believing in that tree. What Glorantha does admit is different perspectives on how the whole thing works, so what one perspective views as a god, another may view as something else. But the thing being viewed is no less real in either.
  4. In Turkey culture, "get stuffed" is probably the most offensive thing you could say to anybody.
  5. There's probably a Turkey enclave left somewhere in Dragon Pass. Their shamans are prophesying the coming disaster of Kriss-Muss, and their warriors are busy gearing up to defend against the usual barbarian incursions. Meanwhile Turkey merchants are occasionally met on the road and rumour is that one is thinking of setting up shop in Apple Lane.
  6. I view it as "Bronze Age" in that the predominant metal is loosely equivalent to terrestrial bronze, but so far as technological level is concerned it's very much an "anything goes" world. In many ways the crazy tech mixture of a Final Fantasy game may be a better yardstick. That's not to say that there aren't some cultures that look, feel, smell and taste (and sometimes even quack) like terrestrial Bronze Age cultures, but there are likewise more primitive and more advanced cultures too.
  7. I imagine dead Mostali crumbling to dust or fading out like in a video game.
  8. I found it readable if a little formulaic. From memory it's structurally a travelogue, once you get past the first chapter or two. And as I said, the setting is very obviously Glorantha, specifically Prax, you get to visit all of the major sites, and it's very obvious which is which. In fact I was so distracted by this element that I did largely forget to pay attention to the narrative!
  9. I've read this. It's very obviously a very thinly-disguised Glorantha, even to the extent of forgetting or omitting to change some place names once or twice. For lighter, shorter reading I still recommend The Travels of Biturian Varosh from the old Cults of Prax supplement as the perfect introduction.
  10. A major change since 10-odd years ago is that the Mongoose 2nd Age material has been de-canonised. That doesn't mean that everything in it is wrong (and a lot of it actually isn't), but it does mean that current and future Chaosium material takes priority over it in the event of contradictions.
  11. I never actually said it was rules-lawyering in a game. It's about rules-lawyering the license, and it comes across as setting up hypothetical edge cases to test the license and try to discover where it's boundaries break down. Which is not a very productive use of anyone's time. Not trying to be rude, but if you need to come across as Comic Book Guy in order to prove your point, then you probably don't have a valid point to begin with.
  12. Ducks are Hobbits, surely? Merry did help kill the Witch-King, after all. So they're a gleefully twisted exercise in taking a Hobbit, putting chips on both shoulders, and a colossal persecution complex to boot. Derail over.
  13. The intent of the ruling is quite obvious: it's "don't use this to create anything that competes with a Chaosium product". To be honest, if you're going to rules-lawyer over specific words and phrases while ignoring this intent, you'll probably not achieve anything much more than tying yourself in knots. Without presuming to speak for Jeff & Co, I would suggest that if you're broadly acting in good faith and not trying to sneak a competing product under the door, you probably have very little to worry about.
  14. I believe that's what "use... as the basis" in the post you quoted was intended to mean.
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