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    Currently having my own RPG renassaisance. Games I grew up with included Runequest 2 and 3, tunnels & trolls, D&D, and warhammer 1st ed.
    Gateway drug for getting back into the hobby was the D&D 5ed starter set. It looked fun and easy to pick up!
    However Runequest was always my favourite game back in the day.
    Very excited at the prospect of a new Chaosium Runequest, think I might try the new Cthulhu too :)

    I backed the Runequest 2 Kickstarter.
  1. Aldryami vs uz

    Thats helpful. So presumably their appearance will reflect their relationship with the plant and man runes? So those Aldryami in tune with Aldrya will appear to be more plant ( perhaps similar to the Brian Froud illustration concept i posted), and Yelmalio, Babeester Gor, Ernalda worshippers appearing more humanoid? look forward to seeing examples of the various forms of Aldryami in the new RuneQuest. The more accessible Aldryami could make interesting player characters. Are there examples of how to play a Yelmalio, Babeester Gor, or Ernalda Aldryami?
  2. Aldryami vs uz

    The presentation of RQ3 Elder secrets left a lot to be desired I’m sure all agree, but one thing I remember feeling after reading about the Aldryami was that formula for the cult write up felt conceptually at odds with the nature of Aldryami. Too rigid and mechanical.Too formulaic, too mostali. I guess it wasn’t helped by the dry presentation and poor art direction. Still i’m really intrigued to see where Chaosium will take the Aldryami. They have found a good fit with the artist Andre Festov.
  3. Aldryami vs uz

    I have to admit to being left cold by many of the attempted depictions of Aldryami Frouds work combines elements of intense observation of natural forms realised through his great draughtsmanship, with a subdued palette, which seems to me to be the most effective way of tapping into the aesthetic possibilities of Aldryami. Natural forms, with a earthy inspired palette. Without that keen observation of natural plant/tree forms the concept of the Aldryami falls flat. Not saying Froud is it, but he's hitting on elements that make the concept work
  4. Can the spell Fanaticism be used to boost Archery skills?

    I can see the advantage of this approach. I think the key thing is as Jeff says “where practicable”. My concern is with more key mechanics being overly ambiguous. There is admittedly a geeky satisfaction in knowing that you are playing the rules as intended. Making changes to rulings is more comfortable and decisive for some when you are clear about the stepping off point. Having said all that there is no specific mention of excluding missile weapons from the spell fanaticism, which I would take to mean that it is applicable to both melee and missile attacks, as Jeff has confirmed.
  5. Can the spell Fanaticism be used to boost Archery skills?

    Yes , thats my feeling too. Particularly with a crunchy game like RuneQuest. A side bar explanation is very helpful in this instance, as it helps players across the board to feel comfortable with their interpretation of the rules, and comfortable with the game. Particulary relevant if the RAW rule is open to differeing interpretations
  6. Resurrecting RuneQuest (Black Gate)

    Yes it was truley terrible...May it never happen again. Hey maybe now’s a good time for a new art preview for RQG...some of us are having an elder secrets relapse
  7. What was your favourite version of RuneQuest to date

    Can’t wait to see the results. Chuffed Chaosium are taking the time to get this right.
  8. Status update?

    I’m loving this art direction. It’s great to see so much thought put into getting the feeling right.
  9. Really like the art Andrey has produced for new RuneQuest. It’s really hitting that RQ2 ancient Bronze Age feel perfectly. Although I’ve noticed some of his art for the 13th age in Glorantha has elements of a more dark age Beowulf/vikIng feel which I hope doesn’t appear in the new RuneQuest ( despite its great quality), as it detracts from the strong thematic of the ancient RQ2 feel. For example the Stormbull fighting in front of the block with chain mail, and long stripey trousers feels much more Saxon/Viking. Having said that everything that’s been shown specifically for new RuneQuest by Andrey has hit the mark with the ancient Bronze Age RQ2 feel. Can’t wait to see the final product.
  10. Our Last RQ Session

    The horror.....
  11. Our Last RQ Session

    Gosh that was a colourful session
  12. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    Ah right I misunderstood. I thought this manuscript was the final draft. It sounds like this isn't the finalised set of rules yet. I just hope that the final rules are crystal clear.
  13. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    This is an area that I wanted to see clarity on in the new rules. I started a post on strike ranks with the intention of finding how the completed RQG handles these situations when an character is forced to parry on his attack SR. Again @Jason Durall responded with the answer that he believes you can attack & parry on the same SR, a simple approach I favour. However after seeing your post here based on the finished RQG GenCon manuscript makes me question whether this is correct? Heres a link to Jasons reply on SR :
  14. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    Following the release of the RQG Quickstart myself and others asked @Jason Durall a few questions on the completed RQG rules which varies a bit from the Quickstart. I presume this is what is in the Gencon RQG manuscript? Here's the link - follow on from this post by Jason: