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    Recently returned to RPG's after 25 years.
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    Player in Call of Cthulhu 7e - Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Player in Tor 2ed - laughter of Dragons

    Player in various Savage world games
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    Aberystwyth - Cymru/Wales
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    Currently having my own RPG renassaisance. Games I grew up with included Runequest 2, RuneQuest 3, Tunnels & Trolls, D&D, and Warhammer 1ed.

    The Grognard files (podcast) Is largely responsible for getting me back into RPG's. I highly recommend listening to their excellent podcasts:


    My first game back was Traveller on roll20 playing through the Traveller Adventure with the Grognard files posse. We've also played some short one off's with StormBringer, and Judge Dredd. Currently playing through D&D 5ed Storm Kings Thunder.

    RuneQuest was always my favourite game back in the day. Very excited at the prospect of the new edition. Every thing after RQ3 passed me by. I backed the RuneQuest Classic kickstarter, and proudly took part in the Free RPG day playing through the RQG quickstart game with GM @dimbyd

    Picked up the excellent Cthulhu 7ed and hope to play it someday.

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  1. The upcoming Strangers in Prax companion will have high level lunar npc’s converted from RQ3 to RQG. The adventurers in Strangers in Prax was originally written for RQ3 - I’m guessing the conversion is just for the main NPC’s. Iirc there is at least one lunar sorcerer…
  2. I’m not necessarily disputing the quality of art work in the guide, but the realisation of Gloranthan tropes is clearer and more accessible with the current art direction throughout the RuneQuest line imo. Overall the art direction is becoming fine tuned and better focused to my mind than it was when the guide was produced ( I still love the red goddess art in the guide though) …though of course take that with a subjective pinch of salt YGMV and all that. I just find the approach of the newer RQ artists hits the right notes.
  3. I think there’s a strong argument for doing a new edition of the Guide To Glorantha utilising the new art, maybe a couple of years down the line when there’s a bigger/wider portfolio to draw on.
  4. Yes new interior art - if it’s of similar quality and realisation to the new cover would persuade me to happily buy the book again.
  5. Holy Humakti Death Ducks! Love that cover. Wonderful design and great realisation of Gloranthan ancient world feely tropes…you have my sword
  6. Love this. Fun and characterful, plenty of animation…very Trollkiny. New artist?
  7. Yeah it feels like it’s all falling into place. These are the foundational building blocks. The realisation of Dragonpass is gorgeous and everything I hoped. So looking forward to Esrolia, Lunar Empire and out from there to eventually all the regions of Glorantha. Bring it on!
  8. Yes the lunar book will be fascinating…but everything else as well. I hope there’s quality illustrations to show an example of Lunars, Westerners and all the other cultural groups…to give a better overview of the player tropes out side of Dragonpass . I know it’s myth centric but I’d like to see some of the cultural flavour too. Together the books should help give a big picture overview of Glorantha. Something we haven’t had officially yet at the more casual player level (I don’t count the massive Guide to Glorantha as that’s for a different segment of the fan base). I hope there’s a story running through like Biturans in cults of Prax
  9. These are going to be fab. Really looking forward to reading the new content and seeing how it builds the game world along with all the new art. On balance I suspect this is going to be absolutely worth the wait. Can’t wait to see what else is install for RuneQuest.
  10. And of course there may be an element of opposed skills to try and see through the deception…hmm
  11. That was certainly the direction my thinking was going. One of those cases where you could argue for sub skills within the Dance skill to describe different forms. Dance is clearly Agility as well as Communication but I guess the designers had to prioritise its artful aspect. As a Gm I’d allow the use of Dance as an agility skill or Dodge to try a purposeful deceptive feint. For me using the Communication skill (raw) of Dance to manipulate body language to deceive , is a good use of the skill and justifiable in game .
  12. Maybe this kind of improvisation is better served by a straight forward skill roll, keep augmentations as they are in RQG? The idea of using an augmentation was to combine it with an attack action. But I guess you can just combine skills in RQG. I guess the issue with this sort of special move is that players will spam it and use it again and again. Perhaps in improvising these kind of an actions failure needs a significant consequence to avoid spamming? Edit: I should rename this thread to Improvising new actions in RQG
  13. It seems to me that RQG’s augmentation rules could open up new possibilities in gameplay that may have been covered in previous editions by spot rules or simple penalties to the attack roll. I was thinking initially about a way to augment an attack to gain an SR advantage - by attacking with Passion or Rune augmentation, and using the success level (critical, special, standard, failure, fumble) to assign an SR advantage or disadvantage. I came up with this, and as per a suggestion in another post it should only apply to the first attack of an augmented attack, not the entire combat - but open to suggestions! Critical - Attack first on SR1 Special - Minus 5 SR Standard - Minus 3 SR failure - unchanged fumble - Attack last on SR12 Moving on to other augments it got me thinking (yes I like RQ combat), that a skill augment to an attack role could be used similarly to improvise a Feint action. For example the Dance skill could be used as an augment to effect a deliberate feint. With a level of success giving a surprise SR penalty to the attack. Thoughts? Good improvisational tool, or better to leave augments RAW as the simple modifier to existing skills?
  14. I was imagining a one time only thing, not the entire combat. it would need playtesting but I think your suggestion is good. Giving the choice between augmenting a weapon attack for a fight and choosing the SR advantage I imagine many wouldn’t opt for the SR option, so combining it with a weapon augment could work better (if you want to see it used) - but as you say only for the initial attack.
  15. Musing on the idea of allowing a Rune or Passion roll to reduce Strike Rank. Feels like it fits thematically and would help inject a bit more unpredictability to combat and order of attacks. Maybe a bonus of -3 SR on a standard success, special -5, critical go first on SR1
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