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    Recently returned to RPG's after 25 years.
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    Aberystwyth - Cymru/Wales
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    Currently having my own RPG renassaisance. Games I grew up with included Runequest 2, RuneQuest 3, Tunnels & Trolls, D&D, and Warhammer 1ed.

    The Grognard files (podcast) Is largely responsible for getting me back into RPG's. I highly recommend listening to their excellent podcasts:


    My first game back was Traveller on roll20 playing through the Traveller Adventure with the Grognard files posse. We've also played some short one off's with StormBringer, and Judge Dredd. Currently playing through D&D 5ed Storm Kings Thunder.

    RuneQuest was always my favourite game back in the day. Very excited at the prospect of the new edition. Every thing after RQ3 passed me by. I backed the RuneQuest Classic kickstarter, and proudly took part in the Free RPG day playing through the RQG quickstart game with GM @dimbyd

    Picked up the excellent Cthulhu 7ed and hope to play it someday.

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  1. Yep would be good to see this made available again. River of Cradles had a great cover that set ancient world expectations for adventures in Prax And Glorantha, be good to see that used with any reprint of the adventure...and a chance to put a proper description of mud sharks in 😉
  2. Nice to see these coming back to print. Will there be hardback versions available? What about handouts and maps, will those be included?
  3. Thanks Jeff, that’s really clear. I’m keen to see how you conceptualise the look of the people and architecture of the West in future RQG books. Don’t suppose there are any concept sketches available to see?
  4. This is true. I may be having a waking RuneQuest geek dream. But I do like the POD idea
  5. If it isn’t possible/feasible to do a reprint with dual stats then this would be a really useful alternative. I would happily pay for a nicely done POD book....would obviously need to do the RQ3 Gloranthan adventures as well Having said that I think Goodman Games has shown there’s a healthy market for a product that stays faithful to the original print whilst at the same time bridging the gap with the current edition. Conversion wise I guess it’s not too much of a difference between RQG and RQ2, but it’d still be handy to have a well conceived conversion at the ready. Likewise I t
  6. Goodman Games have made a successful line with their classic reprints of D&D modules. They include reproductions of the original adventures plus a conversion to the latest edition of D&D. Would love to see something similar implemented for the RuneQuest classic series. Be great to have the Classic adventures updated to RQG in a nice hard back format complete with the original reprint.
  7. Its all in the link to Jason's answers above, but the gist of it is that, the Rune Points have to be dedicated uniquely to that spell, and can't be used to power other Rune Spells. Once those Rune points are cast they're gone, and other Rune points can't power that spell. You'll need to re-scarifice for the special unique Rune Points again if you wish to cast the one-use Rune Spell in the future. The spell itself is not forgotten, its just the associated unique Rune Points that are lost.
  8. Jeff, Could you give a quick snap shot of western culture in Glorantha? Since RQ3 Boxed Glorantha set I’ve found it difficult to visualise the culture in terms of an ancient bronze age world. I presume it’s not a medieval world of knights in shinning armour as was hinted at in the RQ3 boxed Glorantha set? How similar or different are they from the look of the Sartarites we’ve seen so well conceptualised in RQG? Are there any real earth analogies that can help explain their look?
  9. Crush damage is quite significant. There’s a little ambiguity over the critical result in the core rules, but it’s been clarified here as being: Full Weapon damage + full damage bonus + full damage bonus, ignoring armour. That said it is very damage bonus dependant. With subdue and crush weapons, I might be inclined to just add +5% or plus 10% to the resistance roll to give a little bonus for subduing. That subduing roll could be applied to other body parts too for dead leg and winded effects. However the standard rules for damage to hit locations already includes incapaci
  10. Hi Jeff, Curious about the depiction of Miskanders Tower in Pegasus Plateau. It looks very much like something from a medieval keep, and not in keeping with what we've seen of dragon Pass culture so far. I'm guessing this is intentional. Culturally how does the style of Miskander's Tower fit into Glorantha? Is this a representation of architecture from the west? If so how would you describe the look of the west?
  11. This is part of the point. The myth also very likely has a historical basis in a reality, without which there wouldn’t be the later medieval writings. It’s not Middle Earth. It comes from Brythonic Briton, and the struggle against the Anglo Saxon invaders. We can all play the game how we want to, and I’m not trying force everyone into playing an historically correct dark age Briton game. But I am proposing that there is a degree of sensitivity given to the historical origins of the subject through giving options in the new edition to use the old Welsh/Brythoinc names. This could be not
  12. Yes. The thing is Arthur & the myth still resonates today, certainly for people in Wales, Cornwall, Scotland and Brittany. In some very real ways the Arthurian struggle still continues. The Welsh language is a signifier of this struggle to have the right to retain a cultural identity and way of life. The struggle didn’t end at the end of the dark ages. It’s the hear & now. It’s not just a fanciful Norman story of knights In shinning armour doing deeds of great valour. It’s represents a continuing story to people from those countries. Cofiwch Dryweryn
  13. Really? I mean it's not like Cymric naming conventions come up in many other RPGs. All place names tend to get shifted for langage anyway. Most English speaking places use Rome, not Roma, and so on. It's not like you could use older names with your players, assuming you knew them. Yes really. If you’re brought up in Cymru/Wales, and use or are familar with the language and it’s history, your perspective on these things is understandably different. At its heart the myth and subject of Arthur is Brythonic. One of the interesting things about the Welsh (and Cornish and Breton) langua
  14. Appreciate that the majority of Pendragon players could find a change to Welsh/Brythonic too disruptive, but I think Chaosium have a golden opportunity to do the setting and game justice. From a Welsh speakers point of view, it’s equally jarring to see a subject matter like Arthur treated with what comes across as cultural ignorance. Wales and the language has often been a cultural black spot for others. Be nice to see Chaosium addressing that in some way. I think a bilingual approach could build a bridge, and help introduce those with little or no knowledge of modern (and old Welsh
  15. @Jeff Caught the tail end of the Chaosium discussion on twitch last night. Really interesting, I shall catch up with the rest on YouTube. Jeff talking about Pendragon & a possible new edition got me interested. I’ve never played Pendragon but by all accounts it’s a great game. It got me thinking why I haven’t made the jump. As a Welsh speaker (it’s my families first language), the Anglicisation of the place names is a real off putter. It seems ironic from a cultural point of view that the language that is used to imagine Brythonic Briton is that of the decedent of the i
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