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    Recently returned to RPG's after 25 years.
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    D&D 5ed Stormkings thunder (player)
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    Aberystwyth - Wales
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    Currently having my own RPG renassaisance. Games I grew up with included Runequest 2, RuneQuest 3, Tunnels & Trolls, D&D, and Warhammer 1ed.

    The Grognard files (podcast) Is largely responsible for getting me back into RPG's. I highly recommend listening to their excellent podcasts:


    My first game back was Traveller on roll20 playing through the Traveller Adventure with the Grognard files posse. We've also played some short one off's with StormBringer, and Judge Dredd. Currently playing through D&D 5ed Storm Kings Thunder.

    RuneQuest was always my favourite game back in the day. Very excited at the prospect of the new edition. Every thing after RQ3 passed me by. I backed the RuneQuest Classic kickstarter, and proudly took part in the Free RPG day playing through the RQG quickstart game with GM @dimbyd

    Picked up the excellent Cthulhu 7ed and hope to play it someday.

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  1. Paid a bod yn dwp

    Critical damage example.

    Yes I think your initial read is correct - RQG criticals do maximum special weapon damage and ignore armour. Any damage bonus is rolled as normal
  2. Paid a bod yn dwp

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Greg’s creative DNA and vision lives on in the games and our imaginations. Thanks Greg. A wonderful legacy. We’ll keep playing. Deepest condolences to family and friends.
  3. Paid a bod yn dwp

    No love for crushing?

    Heh heh - yeah there’s a whole story ark there. #theTragicTrollkin
  4. Paid a bod yn dwp

    No love for crushing?

    Ah yes of course. Think i’ll pinch that house rule
  5. Paid a bod yn dwp

    No love for crushing?

    Curious - What happens if someone has a negative damage modifier with a crush crit/Special ? Do you actually do less damage then with a normal hit?
  6. Paid a bod yn dwp

    RQG Core Book Corrections Thread - PDF 11 Oct 2018

    P219 - Shield attacks , does not specify whether the loss of parry is applied to just the shield, or also any other held weapon. Suggest further clarification.
  7. Paid a bod yn dwp

    RQG Core Book Corrections Thread - PDF 11 Oct 2018

    P206 - Critical Crush damage is not explained in the section on Crushing damage. This feels like an omission, and could lead to confusion, as the two previous sections on Impale and slashing damage both mention their critical effect.
  8. Paid a bod yn dwp

    RQG Core Book Corrections Thread - PDF 11 Oct 2018

    P206 - Critical Hit section fails to mention *maximum possible special damage* as part of its effect.
  9. Paid a bod yn dwp

    RQG Core Book Corrections Thread - PDF 11 Oct 2018

    P224 Two Weapon Use - “Any adventurer using a weapon in each hand may use them for two attacks, two parries, or one attack and one parry. “ This sentence needs to be altered as it refers to the old rule in RQ2. The change to parry rules in RQG makes the reference to parries redundant.
  10. Paid a bod yn dwp

    So many errors and contradictions

    I don’t find the rules any more complicated then RQ2 was, and I learnt that as youngster. The additional flavousome runes and augmentations don’t feel particularly complex as it’s all percentile based. Having said that it would be helpful for newcomers to have clarifications in a single source for RQG. Jason Durall did a good job of helping clarify of few points on the forum, be good to collate that information into one updatable document soon, particularly now that we have hard copies in our hands.
  11. Yeah postage does seem a little steep. Must be a reason though?
  12. Wow - way to go Chaosium. Already bagged my hardback edition, curious will there be a second printing for the leatherette edition?
  13. Is it possible to use the Miskatonic kickstarter discount along with the RQG PDF coupon?
  14. Paid a bod yn dwp

    GM Screen Pack coming in PDF on September 14

    Great cover and back to Apple lane! That map is great. It’s already giving a much stronger sense of place then we’ve had before - really nice