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  1. GORE WWII weapons (updated): 



  2. A WWII Nazi zombies theme for GORE (updated): 


    Night of The Dead GORE WWII.doc

  3. I've added some files to the GORE (downloads) section, also check the goblinoidgames - forum - gore - scifi section. It's possible you and others may find some ideas. The above may be relevant to your search. See what you think.
  4. 140 downloads

    Some notes on the background I've made for my system (CZFT), and for GORE.
  5. 111 downloads

  6. 203 downloads

    Some slightly different sci-fi weapons and armour for GORE.
  7. 180 downloads

    Hopefully this should add some flavour to a sci-fi theme for GORE.
  8. Auyl: Thanks. I checked the book on Drivethrurpg.com ($14.99/£9.92). A pity they didn't have that book back in the 80s when I was looking up the different types of handguns. I had to visit the local library, and find the required book (a required library roll I think). That Investigator Weapons book/PDF looks like a required purchase. At £9.92, it's not too bad.
  9. I recently came across some old handwritten notes of mine, containing handguns I'd looked up many years ago for CoC 3rd Edition. So I copied the data to a word processor: Revolver .32: Arminius (no.7): MAG: 5, DATE: 1920, COUNTRY: Germany. Colt Police Positive: MAG: 6, DATE: 1907, COUNTRY: USA. S&W Hand Ejector: MAG: 5, DATE: 1903, COUNTRY: USA. Revolvers & Autos .38: Colt Bankers Special: MAG: 6, DATE: 1928, COUNTRY: USA. Enfield: MAG: 6, DATE: 1932, COUNTRY: UK. Colt Super 38: MAG: 9, DATE: 1929, COUNTRY: USA. Auto. 7.65mm Autos: Browning 1900: MAG: 7, DATE: 19
  10. Yes, I've downloaded a quick start Guide (13 pages). I've given it a quick glance, it seems ok. It has formulae for encounters, etc. The PDF of Outbreak: Undead is $19.99 or £12.70 here in the UK at the moment. I might get it, once I've enough funds. I decided to do a Zombie Apocalypse RPG, first using my own system (also D100), and then GORE. With some slight changes, the GORE zombie apocalypse rules can be made for CoC.
  11. I saw in the equipment list P.293 (CoC 6th ed), prices for a crossbow and bolts, but I couldn't seem to find any data on any kind of crossbow. I searched 1 or 2 American sites for bows and crossbows. I noted the prices ($300-$899) - crossbows, $169+ for bows. BOWS AND CROSSBOWS – CALL OF CTHULHU 6TH EDITION Crossbow#1: Base: 25%, DAM: 2D4+2, RNG: 50, ROF: 1 / 3, HP: 14, MAL: 95, COST: $300 STR/DEX: 11/7 Crossbow#2: Base: 25%, DAM: 2D6+2, RNG: 55, ROF: 1 / 2, HP: 18, MAL: 97, COST: $389 STR/DEX: 13/7 5 x bolts: $30 Quiver (holds 15): $40 Composite Bow: Base: 05%, DAM: 1D8+2
  12. I was thinking of the Nazi zombies in the Dead Snow film. Yes, as you say, a dumb zombie INT 1-2. Smarter zombies (like the Dead Snow Nazi zombies) can be INT 3-4, and the leader maybe INT 5-6? Possible?
  13. Welcome also, PlanarRambler. Hope you enjoy the forum. Your comment made me think of my humble beginnings into RPGS. Mine really started in 1980, when I purchased the D&D red box, as some people in a RPG club got me interested a year earlier. I then saw (and played) such RPGs like Paranoia, Twilight 2000, Traveller, and of course Call of Cthulhu. Our group is now playing Iron Kingdoms 2012, Dark Heresy, Deadlands. I still have the 3rd edition (hardback), The Statue of the Sorcerer/The Vanishing Conjurer double book, 5th Edition, 1990s book, etc At the moment, I'm trying
  14. Ok, ok. So maybe I was a LITTLE generous with the zombie INT. How about INT: 1, maybe 2, tops?
  15. Mankam: Agreed, low INT it is (3-5 INT maybe?). Humanity Points could very well be a good idea. Instead of Sanity, 'tweak' it into Humanity Points. The lower the Humanity Points, the less humane and more self centred they'll become. Allegiance - maybe; it's not a bad idea. If he/she is treated unfairly by the group in some way, he/she leaves (although where?)
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