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    D&D 3.0 and 3.5 for a while. Tried to make it more realistic and almost gave myself an aneurism trying. Concluded it was a fun game, and fine if nothing else was available, but I didn't want to GM it.

    Vampire the Masquerade and Dark Ages: Vampire. Found dice pools cumbersome and slow. Sought system that didn't use dicepools but provided practical realism.

    Settled on BRP. Simple, yet realistic, modular, and deadly.
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    Working on houseruling BRP.
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    Central PA, USA
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    I’m a cynical, sarcastic, and black-humored snark knight who’s exceedingly introverted, abrasive, and downright cranky at times. I'm also an amateur theologian, electronics major, and natural information sponge.

    Electronics is my career. Shooting, bowling, theology, reading, and video games are my hobbies.

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  1. That's actually simpler than I thought. Thanks much! Cdr Vimes: I'm actually doing an overhaul for the system that grew in the doing... what started as a couple of tweaks is turning into a pretty big project, including: lifepath character generation, adding a penetration mechanic to weapons, importing and tweaking the Madness Meter from UA (and integrating it with character generation), a magic system heavily influenced by Traveller's Psionics and The Elder Scroll's magic system, streamlined skills and a more codified implimentation, and generally formalizing exactly which optional rules
  2. Hello all, I'm trying to implement a Travelleresque lifepath character creation system (thanks once again goes to Soltakss for the idea) and I'm running into a little snag in regards to education. I have no idea what it actually means. I mean, yes of course, the higher the stat the more education, but at which point does it represent, say a Bachelor's Degree, or graduating high school. Or am I looking at it wrong? I never really grokked the Education stat in BRP, either. So perhaps someone will take pity on me and try to enlighten me?
  3. I haven't encountered any other place on the net for D100 with this big a pool of knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous people. I'm astounded at how much this community gives and I'm ashamed I can't do nearly as much to help them. So yes, I consider this place *the* place for D100.
  4. I'm working on overhauling the weapons system* for medieval/fantasy, and have run into a snag with halberds. The hook on the back of the halberd wasn't a pick for finishing incapacitated foes as I had originally thought. Pollaxes normally have those. No, the hook was primarily used to drag mounted combatants off their horses, and secondarily to trip and hook the limbs and weapons of those on foot. I'd like to model those effects as well, but I'm not sure how to go about that. Have any of you done this? Are there books that cover this? What would you suggest?? *adding a penetration me
  5. SDLeary - I'm sure I'm not the only person who would be interested in seeing what you come up with, because while the Madness Meters can be adapted as is with minimal effort, it doesn't really *fit* into BRP. All those boxes... Chaot - Thanks for putting it into such eloquent terms as, "How do you scale Unnatural when the supernatural is a semi-known quantity?" I kept trying to find the words, and someone else did it for me. Oh well. ^.o Everyone - This is why I love this board. The ideas you people are capable of producing is truly mind-boggling. Right now I'm thinking of scaling
  6. I'm using the madness meters from Unknown Armies and Nemesis to model mental health in a new campaign I'm planning. The rest of the meters have all adapted easily, but unnatural is proving difficult. The game world has a modified version of the psionics system from Traveller (thanks soltakss for the idea), and there are a smattering of supernatural creatures (haven't determined those yet). The problem is that Nemesis' meter has examples that are mostly meeting up with eldritch horrors at the higher intensity levels, and Unknown Armies' are suited to modern mundane minds. So what is an
  7. The damage of the British load probably wouldn't be significantly (in game values) different from the .38 Special. .38 Special - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .38-200 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Look at the ballistic performances of the two rounds (the US military used .38 Special, 158 gr.). Pretty close for bullets. Check other loads and calibers for perspective.
  8. Sounds great. I wish I could use it, but since I'm one of those dinosaurs without an android, I can't use it. Sorry. If you could upload the sounds someplace so I could use them, that'd be great, because I too am looking to introduce music and sounds to my rpg group to increase immersion and engagement.
  9. Layec


    It doesn't have any of the rules themselves archived. So while you have a record of what rules were in the wiki, you don't have the rules themselves.
  10. I never liked that POW was a catchall for willpower and magical aptitude, not to mention luck, connection to divinity, etc. When I adopted BRP and decided to GM for it, I made Will a stat, with Will x 5 = Courage.
  11. Layec


    For body armor, there is of course the NIJ Standards for Body Armor. I found them here.
  12. Thanks for the input guys! I think I'm going to be doing something similar to what Nick and Vile have said about - the PEN score showing how many AP get ignored by the weapon. I'll see if I can get something posted in the next couple of weeks.
  13. I've started playing Darklands again, and it's inspired me to try to work out a penetration mechanic for my BRP games. The aim for my house rules have always been "as realistic as practical". I tend to run games with a grittier atmosphere where people die quickly and messily if they don't find cover or wear armor, depending on the setting. I think an elegantly done penetration mechanic would add realism without much more in the way of bookkeeping. Has anyone added penetration to fantasy/historical systems in there house rules? Has anyone published something that addresses this?
  14. Wasn't there a wiki on this site at some point, with alternate rules and the like? I can't find it now, so if it was here, what happened to the rules that were there?
  15. I played a solo Dark Ages: Vampire campaign with my GM in 2004 before I discovered d100. I liked it. Less bullshit, more tailored story, no inter-PC drama. IMO, the only weakness, is as Chaot said, one source of ideas.
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