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  1. You can use AS for the summoning without MW. It has rules for creating, binding, etc. and the BGB has sorcery magic which has summon demon. I am not terribly familiar with Constantine series of comics and saw the movie a while back but I think with BRP you can do modern horror well and the demon creation in AS is really fun.
  2. I think it would work. You may want to try using the demon creation rules from Advanced Sorcery.
  3. There are some in the downloads section. I found some under GM resources. https://basicroleplaying.org/files/category/45-gm-resources/
  4. OpenQuest is great and it will most likely be my final choice for this project. I am looking for something with a bit more high fantasy aesthetic and good production value. I find that larger/broader forums may get more response but I have to weed through them. Your thoughtful response is just the kind of thing I am looking for.
  5. I am looking for something relatively light with decent support from the publisher. Barebones Fantasy seems to fit and I wondered here has played it.
  6. A weak spot in my adventures is the distribution of allegiance points and allegiance checks. I always seem to forget or have a hard time figuring out what works best. One of the ideas I have to help is, after a session, I could go around the table and use a democratic way of giving points and checks by asking the players how they saw the member of the party acting and what points and checks they should get. i am also going to try to write situations in the adventure to help remind me. How do you handle allegiance points and checks? Any ideas that could help?
  7. It resets at the beginning of the next round. I was not able to find in the BRP but I did find it stated in the Magic World book.
  8. thefub


    When I run MW/BRP sorcery I use touch as a range of being engaged in melee combat. Therefor if a caster can get next to an opponent and still hold concentration on casting the spell, I let the spell go off without rolling for brawl or any other combat skill. Most sorcery spells have resistance which needs to be overcome and I feel there is little reason to add another roll. I simply think of as an energy jumping to the target that needs to be within a very short distance.
  9. I have searched for riposte rules and only found the rules from the BRP rulebook. The Magic World book has rules on when you can riposte but has no mention of what % of the skill is used. Here is an example of a character with sword and shield: Sword 82% Shield 55% Would the riposte be at the full 55% of the shield? If you switch those numbers to Sword 55% and Shield 82%; would the sword be at 55% even if you attacked once in a round?
  10. You may want to read through your Advanced Sorcery book. As stated above Deep Magic( Advanced Sorcery page 20) seems very similar to chaos or wild magic you described. The sorcerer chooses spell affects based on spheres and glyphs that manipulate the forces of magic. The system is a bit of a mess to me but I have seen some members offer some customized ideas for it. Another suggestion was to use summoning magic to bind demons, spirits, and elementals. Advanced Sorcery page 33 starts the chapter on the summoning arts. Binding demons allows sorcerers to use those demon's powers and abilities. It is extremely powerful and depending on your world may need some reining in.
  11. This is a good reason why having an example of character creation by the author is a good idea. The text from the book contradicts itself. From my understanding culture skills are not part of the occupation. If one cannot put points in a skill from your culture with these extra points, then, putting 10 points into Craft ,for example, hinders you from using it as a personal interest later. I will most likely allow culture skills to be raised with these points. Edit: The skills I am most referring to are the skills from the culture that are not in your occupation. So if craft is not in your occupation but is in your culture..
  12. Thank you so much, Nick. This is exactly what I was looking for. It looks like I was not missing anything. I do have a few questions. Can I add free points to skills from the character's culture? Another thing question is with the wording on this: Distribute 40 points to one skill and 20 points each to three skills not included with your occupation.(page 20) One could read this as: distribute 40 points to one skill (any skill of your choice)... How are the above distributed?
  13. I was wondering if some one could post a starting character using the standard character sheet. There is not an example in the manual and I would like to see how it looks, especially the weapon and shield section. I am used to Elric!/Stormbringer's skill distribution and I feel like I may be missing something.
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