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  1. When opposing scan vs hide and the result is a tie, both successes, what happened? Will be the hiding one discovered or not? In dodge vs attack a tie really means Dodge wins so hiding adventurer will be safe? Am I right? Sorry my poor english.
  2. Ambiguity / lack of clarity: Page 192/195: I can not find information about different speeds other than the standard melee movement of 24 meters per round. Is it not possible to run? Can not even the unengaged adventurers? I have not found any mention about it. Page 223: Attacking While Prone - Describes the disadvantages of fighting from the ground but does not describe the maneuver necessary to get up off the ground. If the fall was due to a knockback occurred in MR 12 (page 224). In what strike rank is it possible to get up? Thank you!
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