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  1. I have been quietly working away getting Seeds of Terror established up on DriveThruRPG and suddenly there are three of them You can Find them here for those of you who are interested in scenarios designed to be played in a single evening with lovely artwork, maps and a terrifying twist. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?author=Allan Carey The Mummy of Pemberley Endless Light One Less Grave Check them out Allan
  2. Maximise fun , always this. You can use downtime as a tool to help pace your game as well. It can also be used to add elements into the main scenario from the investigators lives, which in turn can add benefits or dangers to the investigators as you desire.
  3. I played in a side game where we all played the dogs of one of the main characters. It was a Christmas Special and lots of fun but the emphasis was very much on being a bit silly with it. It was called The Hounds of Hammersmith and I played a timid greyhound called Whimper and I remember a Pomeranian called Chanel. I remember tearing the throat out of a cultist after we broke into their lair, it was all very Lady and the Tramp meets The Maltese Falcon
  4. This feels eminently suited to Pulp
  5. That's a neat idea. Have you used Dholes house? I wonder if Lee who runs it would consider adding a new section for such a thing A
  6. This sounds like a great start to campaign, I love the student angle. Its almost a "kids on bikes" type scenario, where the kids are a bit older and the bikes end up being Byakhee. Mythos Scooby Gang
  7. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these.
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