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    I'm a roleplayer since the 80s, beginning first with MERP, Rolemaster, then Warhammer, and having by now played many of the classic games. This includes lots of CoC, some Pendragon, lots of Vampire the Masquerade, a little Werewolf, lots of Warhammer (1st and 2nd edition), Shadowrun (great world, painful system), WEG Star Wars (D6 - a real favourite), probably two games of D&D(!) - because MERP spoiled me - and some others. I'm currently looking for a good system for Warhammer, which has led me to BRP variants.
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    I'm reading Zweihander at the moment, in my quest for a Warhammer system that works for both the players AND the GM. (Ease, yet detailed and flowing.) I'm thinking of buying Magic World.
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    I teach psychology, hypnotize people, and take a serious interest in philosophy.

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  1. Putting a limit of one modifier use per adjective per session might be good. So a Vulcan can call upon ‘disciplined’ once a session, for a stat (1/20th) or skill (1/5th) bonus, and likewise can use the other three adjectives just once in the same session. Or alternatively 4 uses of any adjective per session; so a Klingon might use warlike 4 times in a session, rather than calling upon others. The situations would shape what might be needed. Edit: One might use other keywords or tags, too, to simulate abilities with the rating acting as a skill. For example, ‘Vulcan neck pinc
  2. Hi Hix, I had the same idea. It could be three or four adjectives. So Klingon might be: warlike, honourable, brave, intimidating. Vulcan might be: disciplined; logical; telepathic; strong. (The latter would be a bonus purely for strength, whereas Klingons would get their bonuses for combat generally.) Humans: Cooperative, adaptable, just, curious. Etc. I wanted to avoid working out specifics for each race/species, so the allegiance or passion would maybe start at 40% or 50% Way of X, and would increase as the player roleplayed and used their species traits. Like any skill, it could i
  3. Hi, Any more news about Space Cowboys? I was wondering if there are files available to look at. Unrelated to that, I’ve been thinking about Star Trek a lot lately, and to avoid the trouble of figuring out all kinds of species stats I think a general ‘Way of X [e.g., Vulcan]’ might work as a percentile passion. 1/5th of The Way of X would add to relevant skills or situations (like a Vulcan using a science skill) and 1/20th to characteristics (e.g., a Vulcan using Int to play 3D chess, or even to Str due to their low gravity homeworld). The player asks the GM if it can apply.
  4. I agree; it’s great. It seems to have fleshed out more background detail relative to Cthulhu Rising, such as extra info on psionics as well as making them rarer (and the rules allow for more than one power, so there are changes too; I think extra powers as well). It also has interesting rules for personality restructuring in case people go permanently insane. One may not use them, but it’s nice to see these mechanics as they can be used in futuristic settings to simulate various procedures. I really like the core mechanics; it will take me a while to survey all of them. All it’s miss
  5. Hey, I’m not sure what a WIR is! 🙂 But I imagine it’s a review. I’m currently still reading M-Space, and ordered The Companion, received Cthulhu Rising (the older edition) and Worlds Beyond (disappointing), and ironically am having trouble with my eyes lately - I think from too much screen watching in lockdown. So pdfs are giving me trouble. I’ve tried filters and all sorts, to no avail. I might just need rest! But from what I can tell New Horizon seems to essentially have the Cthulhu Rising chassis with some additional aspects, like demons and luck points, and a separa
  6. Hi Guys, I was reading a review of an older Cthulhu Rising monograph that I bought (I could only source the 62 pg one, rather than the updated one), when I discovered a comment beneath the review linking to what the commentator said was a kind of new incarnation of Cthulhu Rising. I took a look. I very nearly didn’t, then I very nearly didn’t hang around to download as there was a little delay. I’m so glad I did. I would suggest looking at the core product and sourcebook asap, as you’ll find an incredible amount of work solely made for play (not commercial use), which I assume is oka
  7. I’d love to see or hear more about the Starship design and combat rules. For me, that’s the key issue for BRP sci-fi. I’m very interested in seeing other approaches. I’m still reading M-Space (Mythras), and I have Worlds Beyond (I had high hopes when I snapped up a copy recently, but the ship stuff there strikes me as very unplayable - lots of errors in the text vs the worked examples, and the design process is a mystery of where to begin - but the setting is nice). But I would love other models. Only M-Space seems the current model for ships right now. I’m currently trying to create
  8. Tarot cards are great. I collect them for artistic reasons and considered using them more in games (I even have a Cthulhu set somewhere and a Science set.). For example, at the end of the session have the character draw a tarot card - assuming you have a pack, or use an app - and then look up the meaning (go to learntarot.com) together. Somehow, bring those meanings into the next session - call upon a skill roll at various times and perhaps the PC makes a link to something going on. Keep that tarot card exposed during play to add suspense. (Think of the Ninth Gate.) In essence, use it lik
  9. Did you take a look at the atlas? It's quite a piece of work! Must have taken a long time to pull all those bits and pieces together.
  10. Glad you like it! I think it's open to play once you have the setting material - available in the paperback book, or via the rpg books. I have both. Conversion of creatures specific to Titan - some are quite unusual - would take a little bit of work. Most of MW creatures are a fine fit, and the Big Book of Monsters provides many more, but some of the more unusual ones from Out of the Pit would be ideal. You might just read those descriptions and eyeball some quick stats. Skill in FF, which can reach 12, might be 120% or perhaps 3 attacks (9 + 3 = 12), 90, 60, 30, depending on the creature. (Fo
  11. Nick above also posted a reformulated Deep Magic glyph and spheres table, if I recall. They were ordered in a more logical way, with more logical opposites and adjacent spheres. (I think I have the file as Deep Magic Revised.) I would also use that if using Deep Magic.
  12. I got a copy. Found a reasonable price via the German Amazon site. (Not my local site!) 🙂
  13. Hi, I’m curious whether anyone has used MW or BRP generally to run a game set in FF’s Titan setting? The setting would suit many of the MW monsters, the Conan-like magic, and also the unusual magic additions (e.g., mask magic) in Advanced Sorcery. In terms of detail, there’s a small paperback for describing the world of Titan, as well as the revised FF rpg system which has the same information. (I bought much of those materials, but I couldn’t get the game system to operate. I tried it once and it quickly, for me and my players, came undone. But the world was appealing.) Here’s the p
  14. Basically, I couldn’t get my magical needs satisfied with MW or Adv Sor, but with some thinking and previous suggestions by Questbird, I was able to get the magic I wanted. I love MW as a system - I just needed more ‘magic’ for my ‘world’. 🙂
  15. I think Advanced Sorcery is largely undercooked. With the additional rules posted by Chaot, the Deep Magic seems useable now. For me, although I loved the rest of it, on the whole MW was not especially magical, though it would suit a Conan feel. I wanted to recreate WFRP and also divine magic, which wasn’t possible as is. The BRP Magic Book was also too limiting and crunchy in parts (I had previously bought the deluxe Runequest 3rd edition and the magic system there gave me a headache - The Magic Book was, for me, still less than elegant and pretty much an identical headache), though the divin
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