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  1. Was anything added to the d20 printing of the original DG Sourcebook, I have the original but the D20 has a longer page count. I know some stuff was missed out of the d20 version but have read an unclear post on an old forum, that suggests something was added. Anyone know for sure?
  2. I saw somewhere that there are corrections to this printing of HOTOE, Ive got the box set, what are the corrections additions?
  3. There isnt a limit to the number of times you can fight back or dodge but each attack after the first gains a Bonus Die.( Outnumbered Pg 108 Keeper Rulebook.) Unless you are a creature with multiple attacks, if so they can fight back without incurring a Bonus Dice for their opponent until they have done so equal to their attacks. Also the rules are loose enough, intended going by past answers, for the DM to advocate as fit. A dozen Ghouls may have difficulty space wise attacking one PC. And youd have to be pretty lucky to survive a couple of Ghouls. Edit: I posted this before seeing the post before mine. Which is basically the same answer.
  4. The enlisted list I think should be :Climb or Swim, Stealth, Throw, Fighting, Firearms, Survival and two of the following: Dodge, First Aid, Mechanical Repair and Other Languages. Giving 8 skills total and matching the Soldier Occupation and as stated above the 1st ed HU. Felkel
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