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  1. That feels staggeringly unfair. He *did* share it, in various physical forms; that he didn't share it in other forms, or more widely, was presumably his choice. Saying that Chaosium, who are publishing lots of amazing Glorantha material, are somehow being false to the memory of someone so close to them and their work is a wretched thing to do.
  2. jenh

    Apple lanes roads

    There is some discrepency between the roads depicted on the two maps, but I put that down to matters of scale and artistic representation. It would be really helpful to have compass marks on all of the maps (or is there a stated default that I've missed?) and a scale (even for the more artistic ones), but I'm happy to assume that there are more roads just off the edges of the village centre map.
  3. jenh

    Apple lanes roads

    I'm not sure if this will help you at all, but the bit of Apple Lane that is shown in the Map of Apple Lane in the Adventure Book is the small cluster of buildings at the approximate crossroads in the centre of the Apple Lane Orchards map.
  4. Interesting that it mentions what the situation is in 1627 - is the Sartar boxed set covering not just the default starting point of 1625, but also years into the future (to go along with the Argrath campaign)?
  5. You quoted Darius saying "These are modern sentiments that have no place in a bronze age environment if we want to get serious about roleplaying cultural sensibilities" in response to Akhôrahil stating that "a lot of players and even PCs would start to wonder if maybe there isn’t another way" (than "Argrath’s genocidal climatological warfare" and "the Telmori genocide"). Your response began "I completely agree with this. It just isn't the nature of the world as presented, nor in line with what we know about our own ancestors. (Or, if we are honest, about our own deeper rooted, glossed over b
  6. Sure; I got involved in this thread in response to Darius and Dissolv saying that not only is that horror and genocide there, but that no one properly roleplaying someone from that world would do anything other than fight, and fight without any qualms about any additional horrors they might inflict. That includes, specifically, the PCs. While I am all about non-violent games, I'm not interested in rewriting all of Glorantha's history, laser-focused though it is on violent conflict. I do however object strenuously to the notion that no one, including the PCs, can have a problem with genoci
  7. Ignoring the massive excluded middle between no violent conflict and no one thinking twice about genocide after genocide, I might play games based on exploration, discovery of lore, political conflicts that don't devolve into violence, small-scale personal stories of any number of types (romance, investigation, horror; the sort of stuff you often see on TV shows or read in books), people working to ensure that violence doesn't just consume the world yet again, people struggling to find themselves/their place in the world, etc etc etc. As for what passions they might have: love, loyalty, h
  8. Your Glorantha may vary, provided it remains an atrocity simulator as God and Greg Stafford intended? None of those "woke sensibilities" held by some religious figures on Earth thousands of years ago allowed, for no one in Glorantha could even conceive of trying to break a cycle of violence. Let's have three ages, with each being basically the same as the last because the only new things allowed to happen are inflections on cataclysms that make things worse. That's a really small Glorantha; thankfully mine has room for more than "oh, I'm not a murderhobo, I'm so much more refined and bett
  9. Simulation is not a single thing, where if you try to simulate Glorantha you must include everyone always committing genocide and everyone always being fine with slavery unless it's because of some reason that really truly isn't anything to do with people objecting to slavery. People did a lot more eating, sleeping, and shitting than they did killing, even in Glorantha, but somehow that doesn't tend to fall into what gets simulated. What gets simulated is a deliberate choice of the person doing the simulating, and what they consider important and plausible derives from their taste and outlook.
  10. Some of you guys seem to really want genocide to be natural and inevitable. I'm guessing it's also immersion breaking not to have every war crime imaginable played out, because every soldier commits them - it's just human nature, after all, no one has ever disagreed with that except in the modern era. This is gross.
  11. Yes, no one in the history of the world, even back in the bronze age, ever thought that killing people was bad, slavery was bad, and that violence was the best option in response to any ill that befalls them. And within Glorantha, Orlanthi society explicitly specifies that there are other ways than violence, there is a determinedly pacifist goddess and cult, and Sartarite clans that don't hold slaves and won't hold slaves. I guess they like their couches too.
  12. Cool; I was going to make the tiny change to the code so that it was appropriate for the southern hemisphere, but the original code quoted there does not on my system produce SVG that renders as yours does - I get a white square. The SVG itself is presumably the same. Edit: Turns out, the SVG produced from the code above is very different from the SVG that can be downloaded.
  13. Exactly! I'm hopeful that the players will be proactive in generating material that their characters can discover, of forgotten or less considered myths and representations that suit the new-but-still-true-in-Godtime world they are creating.
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