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Upcoming Glorantha publications


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This is a totally unofficial list that I originally put together over on the now-defunct Glorantha G+ group. So details may be wrong but a lot of this has been officially confirmed (e.g. that the product is planned, though not when it will be released).

I thought I'd share it here, for fun and info.

I try and keep abreast of things and keep it updated with new products (and delete items when they're released). Input on this is of course very welcome, because I may well miss things (since I'm not actually Lhankor Mhy).

Please note - each section is not in expected release order, unless otherwise specified.


RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (RQG) (updated 10 May 2022)

Upcoming releases:

Dragon Pass Atlas/Gazetteer

Slipcase set: The Cults of Glorantha (two volumes, hardback, 96 long cult write-ups plus another 40 or so minor cults); RuneQuest Prosopaedia (systemless overview of the deities, 128 pages)

Gamemaster Book (including heroquesting rules)

Sartar Book

Chaosium Classics Volume I : The Stafford House Campaign (A collection of Greg Stafford's RuneQuest Campaign Essays 1978-1981)

MIG III (The Meints Index to Glorantha publications, fully revised and updated)


Other RQ releases coming later on:

The RQ Campaign - along the lines of the Boy King campaign for Pendragon
Heroquesting (a "full-fledged heroquesting book")
Upland Marsh (manuscript complete, waiting on art)
Pavis and the Big Rubble - by Robin Laws

Snakepipe Hollow
Holy Country (which might just be called Masters of Luck and Death)
Prax - David Scott
Invisible God
Lunar Provinces 

Grazelands sourcebook

Heortland/Hendrikland sourcebook

The Dragons Eye - details

Sun Dome County

Elf Pack - by Shannon Appelcline

Elder Races book - 12 races 

Culbrea book - by some of the Beer With Teeth crew

Esrolia (expanded version of Nochet) book

Kralorela sourcebook

Lunar Tarsh



Other items mentioned in the past but not recently (so these might still be coming, or plans might have changed, and even if they're coming they could be way off):

Barbarian Town campaign pack - by Sarah Newton

Seapolis pack

Whitewall campaign pack

Glorantha Quickstart booklet? - 48-page booklet, free PDF



QuestWorlds (HeroQuest) publications

QuestWorlds Core Rulebook - Ian Cooper

QuestWorlds Worlds & Adventures book - how to create genre packs and adventures, with three sample genre packs and adventures, by Ian Cooper

QuestWorlds genre packs - various authors

The Dragonrise, the “offstage” material from The Eleven Lights, for HQG/QuestWorlds - Ian Cooper

Fonrit setting book for HQG/QuestWorlds - Ian Cooper



Other Glorantha publications

Glorantha Skirmish Wars - miniatures skirmish game from Mad Knight

White Bear & Red Moon board game - cleaned-up version of the classic board game

Nomad Gods - ditto, a cleaned-up version

Trollball game with minis
Wyrms Footnotes #16 - material for RuneQuest: Glorantha
Prince of Sartar (printed version of the online comic, once said online version finishes) - Kalin Kadiev and Jeff Richard
Upcoming reprints for existing products, officially confirmed
Apparently coming but no recent details, so probably some way off
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7 hours ago, Orlanthatemyhamster said:

I know this might have been asked before in the mist of time, but is the Prosopaedia a solo release? 

I watched the video of Jeff from back in Jan and it seemed like it might be?

Thanks for your time.

I looked at this thread and there wasn't any official answer in the thread, is there one please? Is it undecided?

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3 hours ago, svensson said:

stated that the Proserpaedia IS Gods of Glorantha

That is not correct.  It is the first of the three volumes that comprise the Gods of Glorantha work.

That's noted in the comments to this FB post: https://www.facebook.com/ChaosiumInc/posts/2234346850058631

For those who don't go on FB the statement is: "The Prosopaedia is one of three books included in the upcoming Cults of Glorantha slipcase set.  We will reveal more in the coming months!"


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