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  1. Oh dear, it seems contemporary mores and politics have finally entered this arena. With a severe allergy to that, along with my increasing divergence from Gloranthan canon, I think I'll take my leave before the demands, revisions, councils and bannings begin (though I hope they do not). So adieu, everyone, and thank you kindly for the many good ideas. In the end, even the Red Elvis Impersonator, whom I paid for, had his uses. "Guards! Guards! Get me another doe-eyed slave! This one has burst." "At once, Impersonator." (Exit)
  2. Illumination obviously helps you immensely in behaving like a munchkin. (Sidebar: How many of the top leadership of the Lightbringer cults in 1625 are illuminated?) However, I don't consider illumination to equate with understanding, heightened spirituality, enlightenment, etc. Perhaps true enlightenment instead means to renounce worldly things like cults, spells, wealth and power. A broader, more universal perspective is, of course, already provided by God Learnerism, so welcome brother and let us now study how to swap goddesses without error, in a completely respectful way, I hasten to say. Praise Zistor, may He rise again, and open the manual on page 1626.
  3. I'm thinking the same. Since the big hole through it named 'Homeward Ocean' was created by the implosion of the Spike, I will allow the very adventurous to dive there for Spike-era artifacts stuck to the walls, etc. The deeper the better.
  4. I'll anyhow reuse it for my game, such as it is. We can see that the LBQ requires quite a lot of walking to reach Yelm at the bottom of the map, and also that Yelm nowadays makes the same trip in about six hours. I like that sort of detail. Oh dear, the sort of heroquest for which I might be too old. For what it's worth, the keywords "Godswar Hell Bulge" only appear significantly in the message you pointed out.
  5. That was my understanding, which raises the question, which of the Sky Domes? I assumed it was outside the Blue Sky Bowl.
  6. Very interesting map, though it of course raises further questions! For instance, are the dawn and dusk gates rather than on the ground actually situated on the border between middle and lower air? And what are these Godswar Bulges that appear here and there? It looks like the ocean one could have been due to Umath permanently deforming Glorantha.
  7. But without them, how would we shudder before the decadence of fondue? (Asterix in Switzerland)
  8. Interesting, and thanks for the explanation. Would that mean the Blue Moon is actually regularly bathed in light while traversing the Celestial Realm?
  9. It now strikes me that I'm unfamiliar with the topography of Gloranthan Sky. In particular, what is outside the Sky Dome? I thought it was mainly roiling chaos. Is there further structure than that?
  10. It would seem to me this thread is headed for an imminent locking, but before then -- indeed, why did we even have the I Fought For Some Reason We Won Nothing thing anyway?
  11. Well, "Monster Empire" is enough of a hint for me. Not to mention, where there's Nysalor, there's krjalki. Cults of Terror, p.86. (First Age Nysalor.) ('Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.') So why would it be different this time around? If anything, Red Goddess is a decidedly less stable and more chaotic version of Nysalor. Sidebar: there is more interesting, or damning, information in the surrounding passage but I'll leave that for another time.
  12. It might well be that the Lunar population then by and large had amassed chaos features and so had literally become an empire of monsters, krjalki.
  13. I was just wondering whether one can be multi-Illuminated.
  14. I agree with this more or less, with the proviso that not all GLs are illuminated. But perhaps we all would inevitably -- as inevitably as positivism slid into post-modernism -- have slid into GL illumination.
  15. Arguably, God Learner Illumination as, for example, seen in My Game Varies (where I adopted the discarded secret "It's A Game!") is closest to getting it right so far. However, the GL adapters didn't quite understand what that implied and so were destroyed.
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