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  1. The God Learner

    Elder race passions

    I would expect Dragonewts to have only vaguely comprehensible passions, if recognizable at all. Passions and Geases might be the same to them.
  2. The God Learner

    Dragonewts, shield use

    At hatching, the Dragonewt uses its egg tooth to, as exquisitely as it is capable, cut its way out of the egg. The details of this ritual depend on type. Somewhat later, the egg tooth falls off, but I have been told it should be saved as it can be unexpectedly useful.
  3. The God Learner

    Odayla in the Underworld

    Trap in a bottle Eurmal's Foot Stink or even Breath (though what might that entail? be careful) and open it under the sleeping fellow's nose. He will wake up.
  4. The God Learner

    Ducking the issue

    I confess, I enjoy both the ridiculous ("white"?) and more serious ("green") aspect of ducks. As for the game, you can always tell your duck-resistant players to lighten up a bit, because RQ isn't always grimly serious, or perhaps gift their PCs with a passion like Hate(Ducks). The game then starts in either Notchet or Corflu, with one of them picking up Jar-Eel in a bar. Good luck!
  5. The God Learner

    Buy stats with points option.

    Ho ho ho, I did the same as a kid with a BASIC program. Good times, good times. Next day, my pal had written and run the same sort of program (or so he claimed, but it's not hard). But I find this approach less vital when your stats can be improved over time.
  6. Haven't got the rules yet but do you really need to fix anything? It's just a 5-10 years difference.
  7. The God Learner

    The Trauma of the Dragonkill War

    Great, this was my understanding too but I wasn't sure. Oh you should hear old Zzabur go on sometime, even if he has ascended far above our petty departmental squabbles by now. He's quite stubborn and still insists on mislaying Brithos on purpose. As for the rest of it, we were of course a bit scattered and decimated by what happened. Anyway, we were and still are misunderstood.
  8. The God Learner

    Any good chaos heroquests out there?

    Yes, good, that seems like one of the risks of free heroquesting --- tainting the quest by doing it wrong at some important point. I have been theorizing about diffuse chaos coming from this, but associating the process with Gods is clearly superior. Another good reason for Arkati to guide naive seekers to the proper path, by the way, even if their saint managed to muddle through. Also, we God Learners did well by using a best-practices based six-stigma process.
  9. The God Learner

    The Trauma of the Dragonkill War

    This discussion makes me wonder to what extent Dragons are held to the Compromise at all. Furthermore, the relation of Dragons to runes. Perhaps the Dragon rune is more of a courtesy appointment? What I'm getting at, much of what we use to structure the world are constructs due to Man rune holders. But the relation of Dragons to this is somewhat unclear to me. What do the sages of Lhankor Mhy say? (Also let me add that the Compromise was an unworkable kludge, as we have seen by the repeated enormous reality-rending disasters after it. If only they had listened to the God Learners ... but perhaps that's for another day.)
  10. The God Learner

    Plant Rune in Sartar?

    The approach seems a bit too high concept to me, but whatever floats your Ark. Using it in practice will probably lead you to exuberantly odd adventuring parties. Not that the hobby hasn't seen those before.
  11. The God Learner

    Dark Glorantha

    Once old enough to care, we played it as an irony to us modern wimps: hidebound suspicious Sartarites fighting progressive Lunars.
  12. The God Learner

    The Trauma of the Dragonkill War

    Not naturally, I'd say, but it could be a big curse or suchlike.
  13. The God Learner

    Chaosium's Runequest 2 Vs Runequest 3 (Avalon Hill)

    Probably a good idea to smuggle in some design notes at the end. It might be a puzzling choice to some readers. I, for one, would appreciate such notes. In practical play, we tended to merge RQ2 and RQ3 while chipping away various tedious subsystems, in the end making it an unholy powergaming brew. Thus, I'll leave the detailed critiques to the more principled. (Except for one systems comment: in retrospect, I think the crit/special/fumble system, while definitely appreciated by players, also turned out to be most dangerous to PCs, simply due to them facing so many more attack rolls than anyone else.)
  14. The God Learner

    Heroes to Superheroes

    I've never met a Superhero myself, but certain fellows at the department at feasts insisted that the Infinity Rune manifests as a stretchy, colorful full-body garment of unearthly mien.
  15. The God Learner

    Any good chaos heroquests out there?

    Quite so -- the Lunar Empire is probably the most benign example -- though one might argue that all these fellows are bargaining with a force they do not understand. Some theorists consider Glorantha a cyst of Order bobbing on a sea of Chaos and know that when Chaos enters it and interacts with us comparatively Order-ly beings, the results are seldom pleasant, either materially, bodily, or spiritually. While it is difficult to be particular, in general there is some form of entropic destruction even if it also provides localized 'power'. Yet one might still, following this theory, observe that Chaos itself is unlikely to care either way, much like the acid does not care whether it is in the bottle or spilled on one's hands.