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  1. The God Learner

    Pavis - Possible New Pavis customs based on Greco-Roman Laws

    Pavis: Gateway to Adventure - practitioners of international tax law will love this intricate saga. The sleeper hit at Lincoln's Inn!
  2. The God Learner


    Note that those who read Tales of the Reaching Moon #7 from 1992 will see that readers wanted HeroQuesting rules. And as I recall, the RQ2 rules, from 1982 or something like that, also promised HeroQuesting rules Coming Soon! So what do I want to say with this? In essence that some patience may still be needed. We now do have the HeroQuest rules though, and don't forget 13th Age Glorantha has a chapter on HeroQuesting. (As an aside, I have found this game a rather enjoyable different take on Glorantha. At least while reading it, since my normal group hasn't been able to congregate here in the Machine City Ruins for quite a while.) My impression is that instead the bulk of the job will be to convert myths into playable HeroQuests. A practical approach to this might be to have a look at what @soltakss has been up to.
  3. A middle ground might be to provide safe and healthy Dragonewt head capture as a Thanatar subcult.
  4. I can see them operating under the aegis of Irripi Ontor in the Lunar Empire.
  5. The God Learner

    Why are Pelorians so (comparatively) culturally diverse?

    It seems like a very diverse multicultural empire. The key religious commonality ought to be the local top deity swearing fealty to Yelm or becoming a lover of the Red Goddess or otherwise bending the metaphysical knee.
  6. The God Learner

    Questions about Ygg, Yggites, and Wolf Pirates

    Not always the most convenient, and who knows which version is 'authoritative', but you can use archive.org to have a look. For instance: https://web.archive.org/web/20160509225259/http://www.toppoint.de/~joe/hglframe.html
  7. The God Learner

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    I would say some of the God Learners had a world view equivalent to atheism, scientific thinking, industrialism, modernism and positivism. Atheism in the sense that the Gods are just big spirits to be studied and exploited but lacking any broader significance. This outlook also corresponds to a certain form of Enlightenment, and in the end ... the metaphysics reduces to the world being (ahem) a set of rules to be optimised for desired outcomes. Just a bit further on that road and they could have flipped into full-on post-modernism, ironically enough.
  8. The God Learner

    Higher then heiress....

    Didn't one of the old Pendragon books have a 20-step progression (yes, it might actually have been 20 steps) of romantically overcoming the Reluctance of a Lady? It could have been in the Boy King but my memory fails me.
  9. The God Learner

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    Well, more advanced mathematics were actually used by Erathostenes in 240 BC to compute the circumference of the blue sub-hell (it had an odd sort of globular shape where the dwellers walked around like flies on an apple, and the water didn't drip off it either). Still, I have the experience that in Glorantha there are things the Man-runed were not meant to know.
  10. The God Learner

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    Perhaps they are just the size of palaces or small cities attached to the Sky Dome. (Is the Sky Dome firm or more like a liquid bubble? These places move around after all.) In a related vein, it might be interesting to compute the actual sizes of the Red Moon and Sun Disk. I suspect we shall find that there must be otherworldly aspects involved or things get too odd.
  11. The God Learner

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    I have heard rumours that Yelmian Heroes quest to the tops of the highest mountains, in order to touch the Sky Dome from there and so undo Umath.
  12. The God Learner

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    Something for the God Learner sages to ponder. Let us approximate it as a sphere containing the Earth Cube that is Glorantha. Let's also assume the cube surface is right on the equator of this sphere. The greatest length is the diagonal from the northwest of Hudaro Ocean to the southeast of Togaro Ocean, which, peering at a map from the Guide, looks like 6600 miles. The diameter of the sphere is at least this, and possibly no longer. Let us assume the Oceans there touch the Sky Dome. (This is improbable if we consider the cube and sphere to be sorcerously precise objects, because the top of the cube would rest higher than the equator, but for the sake of argument.) The greatest height of the Sky Dome is then at least half the length of this diagonal: 3300 miles. I presume that that point is above Magasta's Pool. Towards the edges, it would be lower than that.
  13. The God Learner

    Illuminate Me

    Here is an old favorite. A: Knock knock. Q: Who's there? A: Nysalor.
  14. The God Learner

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    No, they understood what Arkat sacrificed to haul down the false chaos accepting illumination of Nysalor. Arkat had to become the perfect example of everything wrong with illumination in order to succeed in halting Chaos' plan to destroy the world again, and then he withdrew himself from power. The Dark Empire actually functioned around the principle of "Don't disturb Arkat", and the delegation of power proved salutory. Indeed, but the point of the Arkati hero plane guards was to block others from doing the sort of hero questing Arkat did, wasn't it?
  15. The God Learner

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    Interestingly enough, the Glorantha wiki writes "The Red Goddess, realizing that the Cosmic Compromise was broken at the Castle [by others], decided to use it as the means for her apotheosis." While one should recall that the fight was basically provoked by Lunars in the first place, it sounds like the quarrelers were the ones who broke the Compromise, not the RG herself. Presumably Arachne Solara or something on that level. The mechanism is not clear. Can 'patching' Time be seen as providing some Free Will to the same?