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  1. The God Learner

    Transcript for GenCon 2014 "Mythology in Roleplaying" Transcript?

    Perhaps you can use a professional service. The following one appears to offer a transcript of the video above for about 42 euro. https://gotranscript.com/ There are several others too, search for 'video transcript service'. (I presume you will have to fix up idiosyncratic names on your own.)
  2. The God Learner

    Feedback on new improvement proposals sought

    Two comments. Advancement rate should also depend on how frequently and long you play, I'd say. In the uni student era, five sessions might go by in a week or ten days. Nowadays, it might be three months or more and we'd probably never reach 20 sessions. (To judge from efforts in recent years.) In the latter case, you can either skip advancement entirely or speed it up. Here it would also be nice to be able to compare characters to well-known figures. How many XPs will I need to be roughly at the capability of Sir Ethilrist, say. A second thought: shouldn't HeroQuest XP rewards be narratively assigned? It sort of suits the general idea of the game, doesn't it. If so, rather than giving rewards for successes you could just set a reward for completing an adventure or sub-adventure (with guidelines for green GMs). Maybe the GM can keep a checklist of accomplishments. Details are left to the reader. Finally, as a surprise bonus comment, just showing up doesn't seem very heroic so any XP participation awards can in my opinion be scrapped without feeling guilty.
  3. The God Learner

    Births and Burials - Heortling population numbers crunched

    As usual, I expect the Aldryami to discreetly sell humans any amount of contraceptives they want. Maybe other plants can be, er, inadvertently contraceptive, sterilizing or defect inducing as well.
  4. The God Learner

    RQG Core Book Corrections Thread - PDF 11 Oct 2018

    And just to give some more pointers from the Orderium. Give one version number for each product. The version number should be something like "1.0" starting with the first printing, say, then increment by one for each of your releases, including going from "1.9" to "1.10" and so on. (Something that is PDF only could start with "0.0".) When there is a new printing incorporating the latest changes, move on to "2.0" and so on. Don't change the leftmost number for trivial reasons. Don't release new versions too often, once a month at most, hopefully less than that over time. Too many releases is confusing, while too few means there can be lots of changes up in the air that people may still report on. Name relevant forum threads after the most recent version number, close older threads (but make sure the comments therein have been processed). If you are feeling very Orderly, you can close the thread with an overview of what has been fixed. If the forum supports numbered comments, you can easily write down which comments have been addressed. At the start of each such thread, tell everyone where to find the version number and how to update to the most recent version, and invoke the Great Old One to eat the heads of those who report on dead documents. Invite Gorgorma to feast on those who report more than one bug per comment, and curse the beds of those who do not deign to mention page numbers or sections/subsections/etc in their reports to be forever infested with miniature Krarshtkids. In another world, you would use a bug tracker instead of a forum, since the tracker allows you organize and review problems and their solutions in a more Orderly manner. On the other hand, it can be admittedly difficult to make users or consumers report into a bug tracker. (And it's probably much too cumbersome for line editing and spelling error reports.)
  5. The God Learner

    RQG Core Book Corrections Thread - PDF 11 Oct 2018

    Chaosium, add a version number or similar to the PDF front material to reduce confused reports.
  6. The God Learner

    Feedback on new improvement proposals sought

    While I don't like the term 'XP', accumulation seems like a reasonable enough concept for some uses, like extra costly purchases. You could also reverse your approach and put a limit on how many HP are available during a session, and/or limit how many HP can be saved up, and/or require saved HP to be spent during the Winter Phase (if you have one) or some other regular occurrence. Another approach is that you could require spending HP on partial purchases for the costly stuff and not allow savings at all. That locks in the characters rather than allowing them to change their minds with a generic savings pool.
  7. The God Learner

    Tell me of Sheng Seleris

    I'd love to have a heroquest system (not necessarily HeroQuest) that supported this sort of thinking, planning and struggling rather than having to make up such rules myself. A lot of Gloranthan material lends itself to hero-level campaigns, like this, or the Seven Mothers, or Arkat, or what have you.
  8. The God Learner

    Who were the God Learners' Heroes?

    Well, there may arguably have been some of that, but it was also due to the application of secrets such as 'the scientific method' and a whole new metaphysics. Here at the Remnant Faculty, while somewhat scattered across the world and sometimes even unfairly restrained from acting, we still have many wonderful things, not to mention ways of working, that you do not.
  9. The God Learner

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    To some known as The Dolling of Harrek. Chroniclers often skip that episode.
  10. Lunars are chaos-loving degenerates so they don't mind drugs in any capacity. Old school Dara Happans won't partake. Rural orlanthi probably beat up drug users who just lay about and smoke and grow fat and play vi ... er, are generally useless eaters. Or expel them. Esrolian useless males are probably kept docile with a ration of something hazia-like that still makes you work. Aldryami are masterful drug-growers and continuously heroquest to derive more and more interesting ones. Perhaps not in the best interests of mankind or Aldryami neighbors. Dwarves occasionally mine a form of dust which, when snorted, of course makes you work harder and longer. Trolls have various darkness and mushroom drugs, often quite poisonous. You may wake up in some Hell, like a prison cell under the Castle of Lead. Contrary to rumors, ducks do not smoke quack. The equivalent of hallucinogens can offer impromptu exits to the spiritplane or heroplane. Or you just lie around foaming at the mouth.
  11. The God Learner

    Dragonewt and Telmori werewolf PC's?

    It should start with them coming into a bar.
  12. The God Learner

    Dragonewt and Telmori werewolf PC's?

    The dragonewt could be an EWF human who somehow reincarnated. ("But that's impossible!" "Yes it is, isn't it.") This would explain any extra-odd behavior and part of the fun could be to figure out who this was in the previous life and what this means.
  13. The God Learner

    Balancing combat encounters

    Seems like a good topic for one or more blog posts. RQ combat is usually a lot deadlier, so a pure CR approach might not make sense, but some rules of thumb and examples could be a good way to get started for the beginner GM. Joerg's comment above might be a good beginning, but is perhaps a bit abstract. If you are all newbies, it might be worth setting up some simple variations where you fight out things and get a feel for how combat works and how much you can fight. For instance, you can start with some gang fighting in a city, where you can beat on various thugs, Lunars, Sun Domers, etc with a variety of weapons, numbers and skills. Then you get chased out by the authorities and the real adventuring can begin.
  14. The God Learner

    Pendragon questions

    Aha, that explains it. I must have missed that. Looking through it, I'd say the art is okay but not great, reminiscent of the old RQ art (and not the worst of it). Perhaps expectations are greater nowadays. Perhaps they wanted a bit more art as well; I thought the layout and decorations were quite well done and it was easy to read, but there is a lot of text and tables. (For something that I personally thought was a step above that, I've always found the Pendragon 'Books of X' with their medieval-style illos to be simple yet stylish.)
  15. The God Learner

    Pendragon questions

    I got Paladin from the kickstarter via DriveThru, most recently updated in February, but I see that it doesn't appear to be available as a product there yet. Odd. The pdf backer copy of Paladin Adventures appeared just a couple of weeks ago but I haven't had time to look at it yet. Nocturnal is the publisher, for what it's worth.