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  1. Just picked this up on DTRPG. Absolutely jaw dropping. This is the campaign I didn’t know I was looking for, but I’m so glad I found it/you made it. Simply incredible, thank you so much.
  2. Ah, didn’t realize they weren’t canon. Regardless, some of the content is too good to pass up - the Turzah Hounders from Champions of the Reaching Moon will definitely be appearing in my campaign. If Bundalini’s skeleton band can have a role, so can a military unit led by a man who completed the Molossiad heroquest (which as far as I can tell is the mythic equivalent of a dog biting the mailman).
  3. I’m not sure you can find them easily nowadays, but the Moon Design version of Heroquest (~10 years ago) had the Imperial Lunar Handbook Volume 1 (about the Empire itself) and Volume 2 (gods/mythology). Moon Design also put out Champions of the Reaching Moon (Lunar hero bands who could be adversaries or allies).
  4. I’m pretty new to HQG, but I try to take a view of what other abilities might apply and then rule accordingly. To use soltakss’ example of trying to row, I’d say: If the character had an ability or Profession breakout like Rows Like A Machine or Magic Oar of Tungten, that could be used with a +6 for specific ability. If the character had a Profession keyword of Sailor, Pirate or Fisherman, that could be used at its regular rating. Other non-nautical Profession keywords (like Warrior) feel at best a stretch with -6, if I’m feeling generous. If the player has been spammin
  5. My group recently finished our first session of HQG using The Missing from Eleven Lights. It was a good experience and I figured I’d share some thoughts from the session. There are spoilers for The Missing so read no further if you intend to play. First, The Missing is a great introduction to Eleven Lights. The interactions with Broddi and his three rivals let the PCs quickly get up to speed on the main political currents in the clan. The scenario also introduced three of the clan’s main enemies – the Lunars, the Telmori, and the Emerald Sword – in engaging ways. It’s a great
  6. Thanks for your reply, it’s a great help! I was thinking about your very example above as I was writing my original post. Then I figured that the Empire has been trying to Intimidate the Orlanthi into peace for years, unsuccessfully - and they have the Crimson Bat. Short-term, the Urox might land a truce. Long-term the feud would continue, and both clans would probably want the Urox dead for threatening their Rings. I could see Harrek the Berserk pulling it off by saying he’ll kill everyone in both clans if they don’t agree to peace (and it wouldn’t be a bluff!), but an Eleven Lig
  7. Interesting thread. Going back to the OP, I’m now concerned I may be doing something wrong in my HQG game (context: my group has played exactly one HQG session so far, “The Missing” from Eleven Lights). I would have thought that a PC min-maxing in Storm Bull rune magic would not be a problem from a balance perspective because contests in HQG don’t need to be combat. But maybe I’m wrong. Appreciate thoughts from the community. Storm Bull magic (as I understand it) is about storm, battle, facing chaos, and rage/berserker. Maybe a little fertility given the god’s mythological links with
  8. I can’t express how great it is that more books are planned, including the Dragonrise. I think having HQG books focused on pre-1625 also makes a ton of sense. Personally that’s great for me as I enjoy the Occupied Sartar setting of the original RQ, so I’m glad it is the focus for HQG.
  9. Apologies, I’m still figuring out how to work the forum! My intended topic is Simple Group Contest Boosts, not Nebuchadnezzar!😟
  10. I’m starting to run a HQG game using the Eleven Lights campaign but we’re all new to the system. I’m trying to figure out whether victory level boosts in a group simple contest need to be bought before the contest is rolled or if they can be purchased retroactively. By RAW, they need to be bought before the roll (HQG, p. 70). However, in the example of play (Samastina’s Saga: Leaving Nochet, HQG, p. 72), a boost is purchased retroactively, to turn a tie into a Marginal Victory. I much prefer the approach in the example of play, but appreciate thoughts from those more experienced
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