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    RuneQuest, grew up on RQ2 and am now learning Mythras
    In the past I have played AD&D2E, Traveler, Star Trek the role playing game
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    Looking for a Rune Quest group to join
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    I am looking for a small group of Rune Quest players to quest with in either Glorantha or any other location. I am a 55 YO gamer, I still love War/Board gaming and RPGs. I took a long break but am now back. I have PTSD from my military past and thought this would be a great way to push myself. Hoping to meet other people and enjoy some good gaming. If your looking for another player please let me know. I am on LTD so my schedule is pretty flexible.

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  1. Cool, I'm looking forward to it : )
  2. Thanks for that Trifletraxor. I honestly would have thought there would be more traffic/interest on this forum for such a thing. People must be playing under cover or something. I just thought a thread like this would make it easier for new players to find games. I know for me I got to the point where I joined a D&D campaign just to play. If I don't see any LFG for Runequest anywhere as a new player it left me with a very depressed feeling. Just honest feedback
  3. Hey Jeff, I am so glad to hear that RQ was so popular at the con, its a good sign. I saw back in 1980 that this game system was special and I hope the popularity shown there only increases. We have a large game store near where I live but they don't offer any kind of support in finding players, they have said its up to you. This was why I bought my slipcase set from Chaosium directly as well. And partly because of the sad news late last year. Thanks for being supportive about a sub thread. Can I ask what is the procedure to get one started? I have no problem contacting who I n
  4. Good to know thanks Jajagappa, I'll post in future. I like G33k's suggestion of a subforum covering all the games then have game specific threads. That would be an awesome and much needed resource IMO. I spent hours looking for LFP threads and like I said above I looked here and saw non so was afraid to post looking for fear or breaking a rule. Just makes it easier IMO.
  5. Speaking of finding players. I didn't see a looking for player / Game Master forum on here. I'll be totally honest and say I was surprised. I would have thought this would be the place to advertise that your looking for a game. Since I didn't see anything I was too afraid to post a looking for game thread. Can I ask: In future if looking for a game could I post a LFG thread directly? I don't want to break any protocols Also would there be a chance of an official thread being started? I know for me just coming back to Runequest since the 1980's it has been a very frustratin
  6. Thanks g33k. I just wanted to say that I joined a RQG campaign last night and rolled my character and the GM showed me the Roll20 interface etc. I'm really looking forward to this.
  7. Well the guy looking for players made a really good point. He said the reason he is looking for 5E players is that there are many many more players playing that system so the chances of getting a game are easier. And its not just about the game its also about the group and the experience. That struck me as pretty important. So I thought why not give it a try. Make some online friends and have a good time hopefully. I am still looking for a RQG game to get into and my first love is and probably always will continue to be RuneQuest. I love Glorantha as well. I just need to realize
  8. Hey Szwagier, send me a pm maybe if an opening turns up. I would be up for some older RQ. Its been 2 weeks and I am still struggling to find anything online. Sadly I am about to join a D&D campaign just to get back into roleplaying. Its an older group of guys and I think its version 5e. LOL I just want to play again : ) Being 55 you only have so much time left LOL
  9. I think the fact its mentioned in multiple sections is fine. They need to talk about it in damage and time etc and of course as a skill in the skill section. But the part that I find troublesome is the language that they use is not always the same. There has been more than a few times where I have read something in the rules and could take it multiple ways. I think the writing is a little more loose than it should be, but thats just my perception. With First Aid it wasn't until I went to BRP that it was all laid out in a way that made sense. But I don't think I should need to look in ano
  10. Thanks a lot for the replies Joerg and prinz.slasar, I think its more clear now I did have a look at the BRP book and it does show the revival aspect. I think one thing I need to keep in mind too is the is it fun rule. I thought that kind of cool. So if I can some day get back to GM'ing I think I'll incorporate the BRP system and allow players to roll based on the kind of Medical Treatment they want to perform. I guess I just need to get more time in with the new version and remember that its been decades since I have last played. I will make mistakes but as long as I lea
  11. Hey Everyone, I was hoping I could get some help on the First Aid skill? On my first attempt at reading I failed my roll : ) ( LOL actually I re-read it more than a few times) I love the idea of first aid and want to use it properly but must admit the rules confuse me in the wording. I am a very precise person and words matter but I see a few ways to use First Aid. The way I read it from page 149 is that first aid stops bleeding, revives characters and can restore HPs. (I love how you can actually do first aid on wounds and not just hit locations). But it seems that a succes
  12. Thanks for the kind replies everyone. I am glad I read it right. It seems like a convoluted procedure. LOL I actually had to do a step by step spreadsheet to keep everything straight and make sure I didn't miss anything. It just seemed so odd have a character with such high skill in 2 weapons but then the other skills really low in comparison. Thought I better ask just in case. I will go ahead now and read and practice the combat rules. Then probably work on the magic system next. With time passing by seasons it will make the characters age faster so it kind of makes sense to h
  13. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say hi and that I am a new forum member, first post. Many many years ago I was introduced to RQ2 and instantly fell in love with it and have been hooked ever since. Well almost, RQ3 came out and I have not played again since. It just lost the joy so to speak. But I’m back and now in my 50’s and have a strong urge thanks to the internet to try to relive some of that fun. I was hoping I could ask a couple of probably basic questions? I did research them and found nothing helpful at this point. 1 Basic weapon stats. I created my first character a
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