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  1. This is basically what Monrogh did in order to bring back Yelmalio.
  2. This gives me this crazy idea that Kolat turned out to be a spirit and not a full-fledged god because he wasn't thrown into the pits.
  3. That is indeed a possibility. Blond Arim forced the Shakers Temple into submission the same year, so it's possible that their incarnation was a fake one, done in order to legitimize the claims of Arim over the kingdom of Tarsh. Also, KoS tells us that under Sorana Tor's leadership Could it be a reference to the followers of Erantha Gor? However, isn't Sorana Tor an incarnation of Ana Gor? Her sons must be sacrified after seven years of reign, which is something in Maran or Ana Gor's style, isn't it?
  4. King of Sartar introduces the Feathered Horse Queens with a myth regarding the Pure Horse People versions of Ernalda an her sisters. Eneera Tor became the first FHQ in 1455. Here, a connection to Queen Bruvala of Esrolia is hinted, and 1455 is also the year in which the Shakers priestesses incarnated Sorana Tor into their High priestess. So, are these "historical" events simply an echo of the myth above (an example of synchronicity, without causal relationships between them), or are there some events or hidden meanings I am missing? Is the death of Erantha Gor in some way related to the a
  5. Yes, I can imagine, and in fact I was a bit reluctant to post about this subject. The fact is that my players' clan is going to be raided soon, so I just wanted to know what degree of in-canon plot armor their younger siblings enjoy. However, I'm sorry if anybody got upset. It is a fringe topic even for me, and I promise that my future post will be more light-hearted. Oh, and thank you all for the answers.
  6. Hi everybody, firt post here. When an orlanthi clan raids its neighbours, does it take kids as hostages/thralls? If so, in the former case, how is their ransom calculated? In the latter, who is responsible for their initiation rites (if they are ever initiated at all)?
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