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  1. I'd love to, but my free time is abysmally inconsistent, unfortunately. I haven't done any gaming aside from two (out of three) sessions of a high level, 3+ year-long campaign that's almost finishing up this year. However, I can tell you that my nights off from work are Sundays and Mondays (I'm in Eastern Time Zone), so I'll definitely post somewhere on here should I be able to sneak in a few sessions of some Mythras Dark Souls and require some souls to feed the flames with. Please bear with me, though, since I haven't even played or run Mythras or any of the Mythras line yet. :)
  2. Mugen: I think that's the same TRPG that was mentioned earlier in the thread (Runeblogger). Again, if they ever decided to make an English-translated version of it (or if I actually learned how to read their language), my moneys would instantaneous leap out of my wallet and into their hands. 😁 Aonstream: Holy crapple! How did I miss this!? I didn't even make that comparison (CragSpider/Quelaag) on my own back when I first started reading older RQ stuff (less than a decade ago). Good stuff! Now I'm convinced the Souls universes belong in the d100 families. 😉 Perhaps I'll eventua
  3. Thanks for giving my little corner of this great forum a look, and I really appreciate the compliment! I didn't know that Miyazaki played tabletop games, much less was inspired by RQ. I mean, it doesn't surprise me considering how truly well-crafted the world(s) are in the Soulsborne series, but that's interesting and good to know. Man, if TDM (or any of the d100 systems here, really) could get that license.... man, I'd feel so happy, especially since they'd do a much better job than what my piddly notes can do. I already give most of the companies here my moneys; that'd just be more goo
  4. Oh, I actually forgot to include my (unfinished) Bloodborne-inspired campaign setting, the Crimson Twilight setting within the great city of Caerdenshire. I'll upload in the original post. It includes new factions (Houses/Guilds), Trick Weapons, and new "Heroic Level" rules that give each Culture and Profession new abilities/traits that make them stronger than is normal for standard Renaissance games, should the GM and the Players wish to use them. It's not quite LotFP, but it fits the theme and atmosphere quite well. Again, it's not complete, so those wishing to make the most of it may hav
  5. Since I had already shared my Dark Souls files in Mythras, I figured I'd also included my Lamentations of the Flame Princess/Call of Cthulhu Renaissance file as well. It's something of an abandoned project since I can't get anyone to play Renaissance from among my friends – getting (some of) them to try the original BRP Classic Fantasy monograph was like pulling teeth, and now one of them refuses to upgrade to the Mythras version despite my insistence that the original BRP version was not, nor will be, completed. For the most part, the LotFP crossover can be run as is, with the social classes
  6. It's part of the curse of the Dark Sign: you must surround yourself with death in order to improve yourself. It doesn't mean you have to do the killing either; you just have to be in relatively close proximity to death. Imagine playing a pacifist Soul Miracle user who goes around healing people, but if they are beyond his aid, then he can at least absorb their souls when they die. Slow-going in terms of personal improvement, sure, but still a viable concept, especially if the pacifist Bearer has friends who protect him while traveling (so he'd still be absorbing souls of those killed during th
  7. Damnit... I already own all of those books... ...and I'm probably still going to dive into this bundle anyway, just because I want to show my support for it (supporting the EFF is bonus points).
  8. Eh... not a Reddit user, and I'm already generally squeamish around social media and other such things (I lump Reddit in as "social media"). I'm sharing this here because the community here generally enjoys Mythras/BRP-style games (at the very least, and in most cases, I suspect), are more knowledgeable of the game, and are more likely to provide constructive feedback/support where needed, whereas on Reddit it is a much wider audience that, well, has a more "diverse spectrum" of people. To be honest, I would rather have it filled out more (preferably completed, but that may take a long ti
  9. I was able to do a little update to the main Setting Rules, fixing some minor stuff (including a sentence I left incomplete for no reason , adding in Souls-like Parrying, and going into more detail about Souls. Anyway, hope this helps, for those of you who are interested in such a setting.
  10. Well, it's been years since I was a bit more active on these forums. Life kinda got in the way, and while I've been keeping up with gaming news and books (especially d100), I have barely been doing much gaming at all, getting my fix from Critical Role and the rare D&D 5E Curse of Strahd session I get to run for my longtime group once every 2.5 to 3 months. That being said: I'm going crazy with a need for some creative output (if you're reading this, Rod, don't worry: I'll have those adventures I mentioned months ago finished up for you at some point... I hope), and although I've been tryin
  11. That works then, especially with the Major Wounds in place. I'm pretty sure a couple of Major Wounds effects can cause unconsciousness, so... yeah.
  12. Also, I redesigned the Major Wounds tables so that the deadlier effects require higher skill levels to perform. If you want, I can share that with you, though it seems you're running the game RAW, which is fine. My group just doesn't like the randomness of the table, so I did the work to make it more skill-based.
  13. Well, taken verbatim, minus starting level would mean negative number equal to max hit points. But that effectively doubles hit points before any chance of death via hit point loss. Then again, the Major Wounds are nasty enough to one-shot someone, so... there's that. My house rules also include clarifications for such rulings as this in order to avoid debates during the session. I got in the habit of doing that with any new system I run since my group plays so rarely and that time is too valuable to spend arguing over rules.
  14. I would say make it so that reaching even –1 hit point requires a Resilience roll each round or something. Let me check my house rules and see what I ultimately decided...
  15. This looks quite awesome. I was in the works of making a homebrew world (focused around a particular large, central city named Caerdenshire - imagine Bloodborne's Yharnam ruled by a council of representatives of the prominent noble houses and without beasties running amok) that was a hodge-podge of Renaissance, Clockwork & Chivalry (with Clockwork science), and Legend ("Ancient" Rune magic, Divine Magic, and Blood Magic). Each noble house functions as its own Faction and provides unique benefits (one House has the only access to Divine Magic, another has access to Blood Magic, etc.), and t
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