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Printing and binding of Chaosium PDF's


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I may end up modifying "the world" slightly that I presented in my contest entry but it will have the same "dystopian future" flavour.

This is good news, I am really looking forward to seeing it (and using it in my

campaign). :)

"Mind like parachute, function only when open."

(Charlie Chan)

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Chad, I was somewhat remiss in not asking what you are working on?

Care to comment on any current project(s)? :)

Well, I was going to work on a dystopian future setting: a little Snowcrash here, a little Count Zero there. Some Equilibrium thrown in for good measure; with a dash of Dark Angel and a sprinkling of 1984. However, it seems as though that might be taken already... :thumb: I'll probably still do something along those lines for the Halloween contest.

I'm also working on a setting for BRP. I'm not quite ready to announce it yet. However, I'll everything should be set to paper in a couple weeks. At that point, I was going to advertise around here for playtesters/readers.

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Im a bit torn between projects now. Between thinking maybe working more on B '61 to possibly finally finishing my obligations to seneschal (or at least helping get that work done).

Always wanted to do my sci-fi space setting for a RPG and so far have run it with Alternity and D6, as well as XXVc. Maybe do it up for BRP?

Also love pulp, and dong a Tales of the Gold Monkey style game would be fun.

But most of my friends want me to do more on my supers setting, but that was with DC Heroes/Blood of Heroes RPG and that is a lot of conversions, though I do own all the art and words so far for my creations.

So I guess I will have to ponder more.

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