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Book of Sires Question

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2 hours ago, creativehum said:

Awesome! Thanks!

Does BoW rework the Marriate Tables and such to alter this distribution? That is, does it have tables to replace tables in KAP to reflect this change?

The Book of the Entourage(v1.3, revised), actually. You are welcome. :)

The Marriage table (for PKs) has has four columns for men, depending on their status/wealth: household, vassal, rich vassal and estate holder. The higher you are, the more likely it is that other rich men are wanting you to marry their daughters, or poorer men are trying to fix you up with their heiress daughter. And if you already have heirs, then you roll a step lower, since the father of the bride knows that the chances that his grandchild will inherit you is lower, and he might be better off looking for a young vassal knight instead. And host of modifiers, of course.

It also has another Marriage table for Player-ladies, having the above four columns (the daughter of...) and then Heiress -column. With its own modifiers, especially if you are an older woman who is still childless, as then you have less chance of providing heirs.

And lots more, like rules for followers and Player-squires...

The revised Book of Entourage is great value for money, IMHO.

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