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Pulp Offerings?


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It’s some rules for making some slightly tougher heroes. The core Mythras rules are probably closer to Real People. The pulp ones are tougher, better stats, and potentially some extra buffs to luck and such. Think Indiana Jones or James Bond. Probably close to a typical d&d character. 

It also has rules for Paragon characters, which are a step up from pulp. Doc Savage and Conan grade. 

The companion is a nice upgrade for the price. Lean, dense in material. 

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45 minutes ago, Scout said:

Thank you. 

Does it have a rule for breaking the Action Point restriction? Specifically attacking beyond the AP limit?

No, and quite deliberately. Even in the RAW, we're careful with situations where extra Action Points become available, because they can alter the dynamics of combat quite considerably. Even for monsters, gaining extra Actions tends to be preserve of certain creature abilities.

There's nothing to prevent you allowing whatever Action Point limit you feel might be appropriate for pulp games - but there are better alternatives to Action Point inflation for handling pulp heroics: using the Underling and Mook rules more liberally; increasing Hit Points; or even giving more Luck Points. 

The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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One thing I have done a couple times is to allow the use of the Sweep rules for particularly heroic fights against hordes of rabble, and only against them. Another poster on the TDM board suggested a variant of the swarm rules, essentially making all of the rabble a single pool of hit points, and by doing a certain amount of damage you remove a portion of the rabble. 

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