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7th Sea 2nd Hard cover book prices


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On 12/1/2019 at 5:17 PM, lwhitehead said:

Hi folks I just got 7th Sea 2nd Core Book HC, 

But to get more of these 7th Sea HC books that my local dealer doesn't have I got to order online, But I'm Canadian and the prices plus shipping is killing me.


I'd go to Chaosium directly with this (e-mail) not just hope that "somebody" will notice a forum-post...


I mean... somebody over there may very well notice!  But nothing gets the attention like an e-mail in the inbox (well... OK... the tip of a rapier at the throat can sometimes get as much attention).


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I know they were talking about arranging a Canadian fulfillment center.  I don't know how close that project is.



Their website "should" autodetect what the closest/best fulfillment center (I presume the USA), and auto-estimate the shipping.

You might find a Canadian game-store with stock (or able to order) and willing to ship to you, so at least you don't have to face international shipping charges...?


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