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More of a family game than I expected


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Yesterday I had my sister's family over for dinner, and her daughters saw and admired the "miniatures". While my sister is decidedly a reluctant board-gamer at best, my brother-in-law is a fairly eager boardgamer, and so is the elder of my two nieces, but thanks to the lure of the miniatures even my younger niece (who has a solid grounding in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones) was impressed with Chaos and was fairly excited to play that faction. The elder niece chose Darkness, my brother-in-law chose Storm, leaving me with Sky.

I chose the three players board because Chaos doesn't really use up space. As the game went, the board was completely built over only at two occasions (and the Chaos Rift, which we didn't mend, cleared away three shrines a round).

Using a rune, I boosted up my score of 33 to 35 to finish the game before the final Compromise round, as I was head-to-head with Chaos at that time. Thus the game ended with the counting of Victory Points in the fourth round, before resolving either the Chaos Rift or the Compromise.

Storm was lagging behind at 26 or so, Darkness finished with 30 points. Chaos actually made it to 35 points, but my remaining runes pushed me one point ahead.

Storm and Darknss lagged a little behind because of too few buildings early on, while Chaos had a wealth of Power throughout the game. (Her chaos nest was the last of the three enemy units collected by Darkness, which helped her harvest 8 POW for the nests every POW phase, as lack of space forced the rest of us to re-populate her nests). None of us played our gifts to the best effect.


All the family are interested in playing again. Neither of my nieces had experience with risk but enjoyed the fighting. My younger niece compared the game to Settlers of Catan, mostly because it is a family go-to, and she enjoyed all the special abilities and the badassery of a horde of broos.


I'll probably get to infect some of my elder nieces' classmates with the game, too. That target group already consists of tabletop roleplayers.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Well, sky was in control of Pamaltela, northern Genertela, the Sky, the Gates of Dawn and the southern oceans, happily coexisting with Chaos nests. Orlanth had been routed into hell, sitting opposite of the Castle of Lead and the assembled host of Darkness that was poised to overrun the surface world soon. 

Apart from the rift in the center of the world, not too different from the enlightened rule of Nysalor, I suppose.



Telling how it is excessive verbis


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On 1/4/2020 at 3:29 PM, Qizilbashwoman said:

Ohhhh what would that world have looked like

I have a pipedream for an RPG 'session zero' that plays out a little like a clan questionnaire writ cosmological, and a bit like a game of G:tGW.

"Select from the following cosmic dualities..."

"Roll to hit the Cosmic Order to advance to the next Age!"

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