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  1. Alex

    Ages of the World

    Ah, gotcha. I think. So they're kinda saying this is the Primordial Sludge (or should I say Ursuppe, for fellow Doris & Frank fans!), according to the divinations of top Jrusteli sorcerers, and their stab at an Eldritch Wizardry Standard Model. Rather then them having a 20th-century take on the distinction between prokaryotes, protozoa, yeasts, and other such unicellular malarkey. Slightly jarring terminology, but then again we'd a similar complaint about Essences, and any number of other Western concepts, so pick yer poison, i guess. Or perhaps I should say, choose the form of th
  2. Alex


    I'd say the sources are a little mixed on that one. At least if you count oral ones. I can recall Greg on a couple of occasions saying "those guys are mystical materialists", and expanding on the point somewhat. And then on another, having that quoted back to him by some obnoxious pedant -- not excluded to have been your present humble scribe -- and saying something along the lines of, "yeah well, I say a lot of things". FWIW it has has a strong whiff of High Theism/self-sacrificial mysticism to me, at any rate. Somewhat like initiating to one of the Greater Gods whose aspects you can
  3. Alex


    Arguably a dragon-totem. Not one that's anywhere named, mind you, but hey, one thing they definitely are is a mystery cult! To me though it sounds rather more than a strange form of animism, if you take the form and structure of their magic as indicative of anything significant. You might add speculation to speculation and wonder whether the 'strangeness' is just incidental, arising from the peculiar social form of the cult, and it's essentially just some sort of (re)constructed dragon-hsunchenism. Or a low-end mystical thing -- some sort of illumination-type effect that affects the nature
  4. Alex


    Limited to the point of 'doesn't exist', according to one notable (and notorious!) source.
  5. Alex


    Aren't those specifically different in Gloranthaspeak? (Depending on your particular dialect, naturally. See usual 'language is a virus' disclaimers'.) My recollection of the gist of Revealed Mythologies and related forms of that document is that its take was that you had-: Asceticism, giving rise to "pure" mystical practices; Ecstatic meditation, leading to "manifest" mysticism;, and Austerities, producing "failed" mysticism. If you wanted to be a one-club golfer (or perhaps we could count this as four clubs, to be slightly kinder), you could take that appro
  6. I was too lazy to look out my copy of Thunder Rebels (and given that all mentions of it are mentioned with vituperation and declarations of Anathema to Canon, poorly motivated). But even if one draws the 'leadership' aspect fairly narrowly, it goes beyond Rex per se -- the most common form is going to be The-Chief-Subcult-Formerly-Known-As-That-Term-We-Mustn't-Use-Any-More. As for whether such positions are playable or not, as I say it depends on the scale and scope of one's game. Those are small fry compared to the characters you're playing in the average Gloranthan freeform! I persona
  7. Alex

    Cattle raids

    I guess actually a trichotomy, as there's a 'neither one nor the other' default category (and indeed majority). ("Balanced" is an especially weak-sounding term, though.) In-universe this is apparently Heort's doing, so possibly he was just temperamentally very fond of this sort of broad-strokes categorisation. Or maybe more likely, there was a pragmatic reason to do so. Like some sort of codification of different views and customs on the matter of violence as a political and economic means. A 'historic compromise', as it were.
  8. Alex

    Ages of the World

    Whoever's been detecting prokaryotes has been stacking a whole lot of Seeing magic, too... I'm curious about the prevalence of the equation of the Dawn and Time. Though I guess that as both the Orlanthi and the God Learners seem to have this belief, it'd be common currency in 2nd Age Nochet...
  9. The 'Allfather' aspect as we called it more broadly in Ye Olden Days is a tad more niche than the others, but potentially playable in some games. At the scale of the usual RQ campaign, granted not very.
  10. Alex


    I'm guessing this in the Guide, as there's so little else in print for the East? (And because I'm too lazy to check, and there's a bulb out in that room (... that I've been too lazy to change).) So in what sense is this mystical? And in which (OK, bit of Wazboth's barristry here) is it clearly not Illumination?
  11. Alex


    The similarities to Gloranthan Illumination continue! (OK, barely begin.) This is clearly -- I say clearly, not so clear as I didn't forget to mention it in my li'l list in my previous post, oops -- a factor for any sort of mystical revelation. (Or more broadly still any metaphysical one -- it's the Return With The Elixir, or whatever version of that structure (if any!) one favours.) If your community doesn't accept the validity of the 'truth' you've returned with (and you don't have the cop-on to keep quiet about it), you're going to be in a whole world of trouble. Even it's 'magically t
  12. Alex


    It's hard enough to extrapolate between different magical traditions in the same world, never mind between the real world and Glorantha... Not least because of the risk of ending up being obnoxiously reductionistic about RW belief systems. But kinda comes with the territory, oh well. But suppose for the sake of argument that a Practical Kabbalist starts off with the belief that following the Law of the Torah by the letter is necessary for:- Their personal spiritual well-being; Their PK to work magically; and, The universe to operate in a morally well-ordered manner. Th
  13. Alex


    Mysticism situation normal, in other words. Neat analogues are rarely fun. And rarely even neat, as people then get annoyed at something being too direct a steal, cue maHOOsive argument. (I was about to throw in an example or two, then sanity prevailed.) But my thinking was roughly on the following lines: the Kabbalah is, on the face of it (but see also below!) a type of liturgical mysticism. Seems likely that Glorantha has at least one example of liturgical mysticism. In fleshing that (or those) out, how do RW examples from the same part of the Big Chart potentially inform those?
  14. Surprised that's the case, must go read those rules! But I guess if nothing else, the player is giving the GM a One Man, Two Guvnors type of stick to beat them with. Though not in a James Corden type of way -- that would be cruel and unusual.
  15. Alex


    I wondered if Sikhism was maybe a slip for Jainism here (which is pretty consistently ascetic, moreso than Buddhism, or the (poly)theistic aspects of Hinduism), but apparently not as you repeat this later. As I understand it, Sikhism is significantly influenced by the Abrahamic religions, consequently adheres to ascetic practices much less than (other) Dharmic religions, and indeed is doctrinally anti-ascetist. These are all possible examples, but all also problematic ones, given the (both RW and Gloranthan) arguments that such practices are not mystical in nature at all. (Or
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