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  1. Eternal Battle is the universal quantifier! That certainly makes sense. ∀t ∈ time . ∀ ︎c ∈ chaos . hate (t, c)
  2. I have a vague memory of TotRM touching on this in some its 'Lunar regiments' material, if that's of any use to use. (And I can see where it might not be, given the vagueness and the antique source.) I think the gist of it was that Polestar was the Old Order cult of choice for being a staff officer type, but tending to be displaced in that role (and others) by YT in newer formations.
  3. I think this is a good application of the Follow Chosen Sources mythlet! Pick the sources you like (whether generally or in the particular case) and go with the "obvious compromise" between them.
  4. Somehow making things more ordered seems like a misuse of the term 'Gregging'!
  5. Alex


    It's above the gods' pay grade! But travel to the void might readily do either of those things. Or much else besides. Whether you see it as a high cosmic mystery of a seething morass of raw entropy, going there is beyond the difficulty of any 'ordinary' heroquest, and correspondingly the results could be broader, deeper, and more drastic. Mainly the latter if you get it wrong. Being above the Sky Dome 'merely' puts you into the theistic Solar otherworld. Beyond that you'd reach the Aether, which you might see as a High God or fundamental rune sort of level of being, if like you me
  6. Alex


    I've some sympathy for this view, but I suspect it's more usefully gamified as as 'snark freely available from Kralori and East Isles sources' than as inferior magical powers manifest in the one as in the other. (Which isn't to say I think that these are all equivalently the same 'Illumination' as such. (Which isn't to say that I don't think Chaosium may well think they are.))
  7. I feel much the same. Not merely out of sentiment and stubbornness, as because that habit's going to be mighty hard to unlearn after those neurons firing in that manner for all these years now... Perhaps much as, post-Hollow Crown and gags on Pointless I've started to think of Richard II and Henry V as Henry IV, Parts 0 and 3 respectively I can do the same with Hero Wars and QuestWorlds...
  8. I've accomplished this feat in the form of Maharaja and Maharaja. In the same order from a since-defunct US boardgames company. Their demise I'm sure not directly related to their mistakenly shipping it to "IR(an)" rather than "IR(e)L(and)" and them not arriving for nine months... Can recommend the former; the second was once described with cruel accuracy as the world's first 3 1/2 player boardgame.
  9. §5.6 Extended vs Scored Contests vs Chained Contests: Should read "see §2.6.2"
  10. I think that's definitely possible. At least in the post hoc sense: do ritual, have several Dark Troll children consecutively, retire from the field victorious. Was it an entirely successful HQ? Just getting entirely lucky on the Big Random Table Beloved to Gamers? Bit of both? Not readily distinguishable in practice.
  11. That'd be sequential hermaphrodism, then (a la many species of fish), rather than simultaneous (divers gastropods, most notoriously). Or gender- and sex-fluidity at John Varley tech levels, if you will.
  12. Too lazy to look up the full list right now, but most forms aren't about either party being "subordinate", they're just tidying up the contractual details concerning the prospective kiddiwinks, and any property involved. If the woman is a hardcore active Vingan, then the patrilineal, patrilocal form might suit them rather well. "OK, I've done the 'hard labour', it's over to you and his 'aunties', pops! Back at the end of the currently prevailing emergency conditions. Bye-ee!" If they're less active as Vingans -- taking a break from taking a break from the traditional female/Earth path
  13. Sounds spectacular! Was this at a con, and were the players hardened Gloranfans, newbies, or scattered across that spectrum?
  14. There's couple of differences in that Elmal is, on the one hand as pointed out earlier, a minority clan leadership cult, and on the other, pressed into the role of a ritual enemy, when an Evil Emperor surrogate is required. Those are likely to conspire to create a sense of grievance that, say, Humakt worshippers wouldn't experience. I greatly enjoyed Jeff's piece on the clear objective superiority of Yelmalio over Elmal. I was almost waiting for the companion piece from the Elmali POV! I'll be a little disappointed if "official Elmal" just makes him straightforwardly worse, rather tha
  15. Over and above standard "YGWV" disclaimers, "outdated" is especially relative here. The Lunar material has been through several iterations, each contradicting as much as it adds, and sometimes appearing to row back in the original direction. So who knows, the new old might be the old new. I'd advise just using what you find best, and drifting it in whatever direction appeals... With regard to the 7M version of the cult and the full/Heartland one, my intuition would be that the Humakt-like angle is greatest in the former, for the very reason of presenting a compatible face to converts.
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