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Sand of Sartar


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This is more a thought than a query, but I just wanted to gouge if this sounds feasible.

Since Clearwine is so famous for its wine, the hills surrounding the city should consist of quite sandy soil. That to facilitate the growth of the grapes (provided clearwine grapes are not some magical plants that thrive on different soil).

So the Colymar could already build and use wine cellars (either their own invention or because of a vision a certain Earth Godess sent along with the grapes themselves).

Same cellars could be used apart from normal bacchanal behaviour for all kinds of clandestine rituals, house hidden shrines to diverse deities and/or forgotten treasures, secreted away from the Lunar occupiers.

I envision the wine cellars below and around Clearwine as a quite extensive network whose full extent nobody knows (such as in Retz, Austria ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retz)

Question: who is the godDes of wine making itself?


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"Sandy" is only one sort of well-draining soil, and that drainage is the key feature.  No idea of the area around clearwine is sandy, loamy, or otherwise well-drained (or, as you say, if there's some other Gloranthan characteristic that doesn't match real-world grapevine's soil preferences).


n.b. many (if not most) of the Earth Goddesses have their holiest places underground.  Eiritha's caves at The Paps have (In My Glorantha) caves and passageways that nobody alive has walked.

Given that Sedenya ripped her home, her self, out of the Earth and launched it skyward, I suspect hidden spaces underground are indeed among the very best places to mythi ally escape Her attention.


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