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M-Space Character of the Week


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Introducing Character of the Week.

With the M-Space Companion coming out soon, I couldn't contain myself and decided to start creating a character of the week for each week until the Companion comes out using the new Origins rules as well as the cybernetics and robotics rules. Today - this very morning moments ago in fact - my daughter just finished rolling up a Space Bard. The first thing I noticed is M-Space doesn't have an Entertainer career so I created one and created an Origins template to go along with it. We decided this space bard travels from planet to planet around the core worlds, living much of her life in the deep void of space. So her cultural Origin is Space Transient and her career is Entertainer.

For ease of reading, I will only list those standard skills which are greater than her base starting skill.

And so, with much ado, I give you

Nicky Nova
STR 8 CON 15 SIZ 14 DEX 15 INT 15 POW 11 CHA 17

Standard Skills: Athletics 28%, Dance 47%, Deceit 57%, Endurance 60%, Evade 45%, First Aid 35%, Influence 69%, Insight 41%, Sing 68%, Willpower 57%, Combat Style (Starfarer) 48%

Professional Skills: Astrogation 35%, Pilot (Everything) 35%, Gunnery 40%, Survival (Space) 41%, Musicianship 87%, Disguise 47%, Culture (Inner Core) 40%

Psionics: Friendship 22%, Empathy 22%, Move Object 22%

Passions: Hate Journalists 46%, Loves Music 66%, Loves Stardom 56%

Background story: (Origins just gives a framework from which to work. How you interpret the events it generates is the key to how much depth and story each new character has. You could make the exact same dice rolls and have a radically different interpretation than the one we have below.)

Nicky grew up traveling the space lanes as a child. Her rise to fame began in the void of space when she came upon a derelict alien ship and retrieved a piece of alien cybernetic technology. With her meager resources, she managed to find a biohacker who would install the tech. This tech gave her an illegal ID Scanner that could bypass security protocols, giving her access to law enforcement data files. She could use it's facial recognition and DNA database to identify anyone almost instantly.

She immediately used her new found power to promote her career. With her insider knowledge of those in the entertainment industry, she was able to get her foot in the door in clubs and studios. Everyone loves when you remember their name, plus having the goods on people didn't hurt either!

Soon she had made a contact, her new manager, and gained in her Influence skill.

Work began immediately on her first album - Zero Gravity - and her Musicianship skill only got better.

Unbeknownst to her, however, the aliens were tracking down their lost spy technology. They finally caught up to Nicky traveling between the stars and gave her a choice: They could kill her and take back their tech or she could be their infiltrator and they'd give her even more tech. She took the latter offer and they installed her with tech guaranteed to launch her career to heights she'd never dreamed of.

Nicky now had a psionic mod installed in her head. This gave her three psionic arcs at POWx2 (22%) Friendship, empathy and Move Object. She used Move Object to enhance her stage shows. She would spin her guitar and make it leap into her hands and at the end of the show toss a part of her costume all the way up to the nosebleed seats.

The fans loved it. She became an overnight sensation.

And then it all came crashing down. A journalist uncovered her ties to the aliens, who were not trusted and her career went into a tailspin. Her Insight into people and her Willpower both increased as she learned to deal with the scandal that rocked her world. Fortunately, her cybernetics remained a secret. Her pocketbook suffered, however. She hates Journalists.

She retreated from the public, traveling with her people along the space lanes until one day a disaster occurred. A food processing system failed and there was a food shortage. Things got so tough that she considered having to kill for food, but she sucked it up and tightened her belt, riding out the crisis. She increased her willpower but lost even more of her starting money.

It was during those dark days that she resolved to restore her image and so she wrote a new album - Starburst - and restyled herself as an ambassador in space, singing about peace and friendship, tolerance for alien races and bringing people together. Her musicianship continued to increase as she went on tour.

It was a smashing success. She found herself performing in front of sold out crowds. Money started rolling in.

She quickly produced a third album - Beyond Infinity - and went on another tour. And as that tour begins, dear readers, so does our tale......

I'm just a lonely space cowgirl, riding in the void

No one to talk to but my faithful droid....

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M-Space Character of the Week Pt 2
So with such an amazingly lucky character last week, I thought I would try to make sense of this weeks character in terms of joining them up with last weeks character. That didn't look too likely until right at the very end when the dice fell just right for an easy tie in.
So this week, let's meet week 2's character, a Mercenary from Technix Corporation. He is a part of Steele Company, repairing robots for the Slaughterbot Battalion.

Joe Maddox
STR 17 CON 16 SIZ 16 DEX 14 INT 16 POW 12 CHA 13
Standard Skills: Athletics 41%, Brawn 43%, Deceit 34%, Drive 31%, Endurance 57%, Evade 53%, First Aid 50%, Influence 46%, Insight 33%, Locale (Steele Company) 37%, Perception 43%, Unarmed 41%, Willpower 54%, Combat Style (Mercenary) 76%
Professional Skills: Mechanics 70%, Electronics 40%, Computers 42%, Gunnery 40%, Strategy and Tactics 52%, Survival Space 38%, Oratory 35%, Gambling 28%
Passions: Loyalty Steele Company 68%, Loves Technology 58%, Hates (the aliens) 48%

Life Events: When he joined Steele Company as a youth, he was given advanced Combat Training and became a slaughterbot technician.

His first tour he witnessed the Okato Massacre, when the Slaughterbot Battalion went out of control and couldn't be shut down before an entire alien planet was wiped out. He kept his mouth shut and his head low following that event and spent most of his time gambling and he gained Loyalty (Steele Company).

The Massacre instigated a war and skilled mechanics were in demand. His talents to repair war bots paid well.

His quick thinking and first aid skills saved the life of a Colonel in one battle. Colonel Tigh is now a useful contact. His heroism that morning saved the day and he won a medal for bravery and was recognized for his shrewd use of strategy and tactics.

Then the truth about how the war started finally got revealed and he was asked pointed questions about the Okato Massacre. Maddox decided it was time to speak up for the good of the Company and put the blame where the blame was due, destroying the career of a two star general and gaining him as a powerful enemy. He won the respect of his crew but was dismissed from Steele Company.

With no work, Maddox began tinkering with robots. Mechanics was his true love and he loved all things technical.

But tinkering didn't pay the bills and so he picked up some security work for a record company. When the aliens made a move on one of their celebrities, Maddox saved the life of the record producer.

They became good friends and he offered Maddox a better paying job: Personal bodyguard for the celebrity that was the target of the alien attack: Nicky Nova.

And so, as our tale begins, he is busily watching over the rock star as she begins her tour.....

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M-Space Character of the Week Pt. 3
Today I had a friend of mine roll up a character. This one we also tied into the background story of the previous two. There isn't going to be an actual campaign for these characters, this is just to show off the system, but boy I'm getting tempted ūüôā¬† My friend wanted to try out the new Hacker occupation. This character is a young teenager who got started hacking while still in high school. His Origin uses the academic world Wellspring to generate his cultural skills and life events.

Let's meet Devin Niles, teenage hacker.

Devin Niles
STR 13 CON 15 SIZ 10 DEX 15 INT 18 POW 16 CHA 7
Standard Skills: Conceal 41%, Dance 27%, Deceit 35%, Drive 36%, Endurance 60%, Evade 45%, Insight 49%, Perception 49%, Sing 28%, Willpower 72%, Combat Style (Civilian) 43%
Professional Skills: Seduction 30%, Computers 76%, Knowledge (Robotics) 61%, Forgery 58%, Research 49%, Electronics 58%
Passions: Loves Girls 65%, Lives for Risk Taking 55%, Fears the Law 45%

Life on the Lam: Devin fell in love with computers at an early age. When his uncle passed away, he left Devin with a strange device. It took Devin some research but he soon realized the device was made to assist hacking. It was known as a Cloak.

Not long after, Devin met a girl a bit on the wild side. In an effort to impress this young girl, he broke the security codes of a small personal space craft and since the girl knew how to pilot, they stole the ship and went on a joy ride.  The owner turned out to be some guy named Wick and he was more upset that his dog was on the spaceship than the theft of the ship itself.  Needless to say, Devin and his new girl had to go on the lam. They ran to a planet of 40 billion people. This dreary world of concrete and steel that covered every inch of the planet.

Times were tough for Devin and his girl and they soon broke up. Poor and struggling, Devin used his hacking skills to bring in money.  Eventually, he landed a job that seemed too good to be true. Working on robots for a major weapons developer. Turns out the young, naive boy was being led along by darker, more sinister forces who enlisted him into pulling off a major job. He hacked into the robotic coding and overwrote their protocols.

The result was the Okato Massacre when the Slaughterbot Battallion wiped out an entire alien world, the spark that set off an interstellar war. The weapons dealer is now his greatest ally.  The weapons dealer sent him to their offices to be trained in personal defense and Devin became close friends with his trainer as he picked up valuable combat skills.

Feeling like he's pulled himself up by his own bootstraps and is coming into his own, Devin decided to impress another girl, this time forging tickets to a popular concert. He hacked two front row seats to take his date to see Nikki Nova's first show of her new tour.......

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Character of the Week Pt. 4

This weeks character doesn't tie directly into the Nicky Nova group, but one could with a little tweaking. I left it deliberately vague as to who she was at war with. This character was a young woman growing up on a war torn world who became a journalist covering the war. So Occupation: Journalist, Origin: War Zone


Lauren Klondyke
STR 15 CON 17 SIZ 11 DEX16 INT 13 POW 17 CHA 16
Standard Skills: Deceit 39%, Endurance 59%, Evade 62%, First Aid 34%, Influence 47%, Insight 45%, Locale 36%, Perception 60%, Stealth 39%, Unarmed 36%, Willpower 74%
Professional Skills: Strategy and Tactics 31%, Survival (War Zone) 39%, Medicine 35%, Research 70%, Oratory 48%, Streetwise 63%
Passions: Loyalty to Editor 73%, Loyalty to Unit 60%, Hate Enemy 50%

Background: Lauren has only known war her entire life. She began journaling her experience at an early age. Her war journals came to the attention of a news editor who took her on with his agency, The Terrabyte, having her imbedded with a military unit. This squad became her family and she made a lifelong friend there.

A major offensive saw her entrapped in the siege of Barzan. Food ran out and things got sketchy, but she toughed it out.

When the city fell, she and a few soldiers made a desperate escape. Seeing the atrocities committed during this time gave her a deep rooted hatred of the enemy.

She later published a compelling piece on the Fall of Barzan and the cruelty of the invaders.

For a time she worked behind the lines, far from the front. It was during this time, thanks to her street smarts, that she broke a story about the conscription of child warriors and became close friends with a human rights activist.

She was at the final battle when the invaders were finally repelled and the war ended. She managed to pick up some advanced armor off the battlefield. A suit of biomesh with stealth capabilities (+20% to Stealth).

Hers is perhaps not the most amazing story, but it's a good representation of the diversity of characters and backgrounds you can create.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Character of the week Pt 5
This should be the final character. The M-Space Companion is due out June 10th. So for my final character I've decided to make one myself. We haven't had anyone from the Penal Colony homeworld, so I was thinking a bounty hunter from the prison planet Theebus V. As a kid I had a pet named Sparky and we haven't had a robot yet so....

Sparky the Robot Bounty Hunter
Str 17, Con15, Siz 6, Dex 18, Int 15, Pow 11, Cha 15
Standard Skills: Athletics 40%, Brawn 27%, Conceal 44%, Deceit 35%, Endurance 75%, Evade 76%, Insight 36%, Perception 36%, Stealth 63%, Unarmed 85%, Willpower 52%
Professional Skills: Track 60%, Survival Space 41%, Gambling 31%, Streetwise 41%, Commerce 55%
Passions: Loves Poker 56%, Hates Criminals 46%, Loyalty to Warden Wick 36%
Modules: Sense Smell, Sense Sight (Infrared), Sense Taste, Sense Hearing, Weapon*
*Sparky's body can deliver an electric current. With a successful Unarmed roll, Sparky can stun his opponent unless they make a Hard Endurance roll.

A (Robotic) Dog's Life: Sparky was created by the Prison warden to assist in hunting down escaped prisoners. This took him to strange, exotic places where he learned how to survive in space and his way around the streets of the underworld.

One escapee led Sparky to the hideout of a famous criminal, Urlan Keynes. Sparky brought both in and was awarded the bounty for Keyne's - the criminal's personal starship.

Sparky then established an intelligence network. Having no personal use for money, he nonetheless understood its value in bringing in leads.

One of those leads led him into an ambush, however. Keyne's had escaped and vowed vengeance on the robot that had brought him in. Sparky, despite all his robotic senses, fell into the trap. A young hacker and his girlfriend not only disabled Sparky, they stole his starship. He has yet to recover it.

He was treated terribly before he managed to escape with the help of another and bring Keyne's back in to justice. Sparky had learned something new. He'd learned hate.

He also learned the value of friendship. His new found friend that he had escaped with offered him a place in the backyard to bury all the money he'd been bringing in from bounty hunting. Sparky dug a hole under the porch, knowing it would be safe.

Urlan Keynes was a powerful man, however, and his reach extended beyond his prison cell. He sent assassins to hunt down and kill Sparky. Cornered, Sparky had to fight his way out.

The next time Sparky fell into an ambush he was ready. He didn't capture his assailant, but he maimed him, earning Sparky yet one more enemy.

He's currently following up on a lead as to the thief who stole his starship. He followed the suspect to a Nicky Nova concert....

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