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Parrying with Passive Blocking


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37 minutes ago, lawrence.whitaker said:

Yes, that's correct. 

When you are passive blocking is the parry of locations automatic? Ex- When the location is attacked you don't have to do any kind of parry roll, right?  Can the circumvent parry special effect  beat passive blocking?

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But... you have to decide whether to parry or not  BEFORE the opponent rolls for body target, right?

(I have the Spanish ed. of the book, so I beg you excuse the different terminology)

In the ''How Combat Works'' section, under the ''Attacks and Parries'' subsection (around page 96),  it clearly establishes the order of combat rolls step by step.

1. Attacker rolls for attack.
2. (If you want) Defender rolls for active parry.
3. Compare results according to 'differential rolls'  (level of success)
4. Every level of difference in success, allows the use of a Combat Effect.
5. If the attack was a success, roll for damage.  And, if any, roll for body target.
6. If the defense was a success, reduce damage accordingly.

As you see, the body target is decided AFTER the defense roll.
This means that,  you cannot wait and see if the attack lands on your passively blocked body targets....
You have to decide to actively block right after the attack roll (BEFORE the target is determined),  or you simply let the attack go and wish for the best.

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