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ARCANE LORE is DriveThruFiction's Deal of the Day: 50% off!


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ARCANE LORE, part of the Stafford Library, is DriveThruFiction's Deal of the Day: 50% off!

Arcane Lore reveals a vast treasure trove about Heroquesting in Glorantha. Collected from almost 30 years of questing, Greg Stafford explores the philosophy, mechanics, and practice of Heroquesting from a multitude of viewpoints and angles.



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Arcane Lore is very good, for both HeroQuesting and as a way of comparing deities. However, it is a bewildering mishmash of different rules and approaches.

So, if you are interested in HeroQuesting then it is a must, but if you want a set of workable HeroQuesting Rules then you might be disappointed.

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