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The Hollow (13G Conversion)

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The Hollow

This adventure is designed for 1st level characters. It is structured using the 13th Age Adventure Toolkit from the 13th Age Game Master’s Screen and Resource Book p.8

In this adventure, the characters must rescue more than a dozen children in order to thwart Gloomwillow’s ritual for Harsandra the Quick. But the Woods of the Dead are not for the faint hearted!


As they cross the Last Bridge of Alone, they must make a choice. Follow the Dawn Road's safer path to the Black Stream or take the Dusk Road and turn left at the Broken Tower. They know the risks and rewards of both well enough to begin their quest with the information needed to decide which they believe is the lesser of two evils.

Tell the players that their characters just undertook a long and difficult journey to get to the spot where the adventure begins.

Turn to the player on your left and ask them to describe one threat or obstacle that the party faced on their journey toward the location where the adventure begins. The obstacle could be large (a dangerous ambush, or an avalanche) or small (someone stole the Storm Voice’s trousers). 

Turn to the next player clockwise and tell them that their character did something impressive to overcome that threat or obstacle. Ask them to describe what they did. Don't make them roll dice at this point — this event happened in the past, and they succeeded. 

Continue around the group until every player has had a chance to invent an obstacle and describe how their characters overcame an obstacle. If some players aren't comfortable with making something up on the spot, feel free to coach them, or turn their one- or two-word answer into something bigger.

The First Probe

About three hours after the adventurers enter the Woods, they hear a rustling in the leaves. At first, they may take it for wind, but it grows too loud and seems to be moving toward them at too regular a pace. 

In this scene, the characters must overcome a major obstacle that stands between them and their goal, using roleplaying, skill checks, or a combination of each.

Challenge DC 15 Normal

Flock of Ravens +5 vs PD (multiple targets) — 1d10 damage

Giant Dragonflies +5 vs AC — 2d6 damage

The Second Probe

It begins as they crest a rise (on the Dusk Road) or come around a blind curve (on the Dawn Road). A group of hideous creatures are squatting on the road ahead.

These are mossbacks, the foul hybrid servants of Gloomwillow. They resemble bipedal toads the size of toddlers, with ferns and greasy weeds growing from their backs like shaggy fur. These range in color from rotting black to sickly green.

At last, the PCs get to hit someone!

This is a fair fight.

PCs Mossback Mossback Minion
2 0 4
3 0 6
4 2 5
5 2 7
6 4 6
7 4 8

Mossback is a reskinned Newtling Grownup (13th Age Glorantha p.319)

Mossback Minion is a reskinned Newtling Juvenile (13th Age Glorantha p.319)

Visions Most Foul

Terrifying forms appear in the mist, chill sounds echo in the air, and disturbing patterns enter their very minds, making each further step forward a battle against primal terror.

They must now overcome a more difficult — and deadlier — challenge to reach the next battle.

Challenge DC 20 Hard

Chill Sounds +10 vs MD (multiple targets) — 1d12 psychic damage

Disturbing Patterns +10 vs MD — 3d6 psychic damage

Terrifying Forms +10 vs MD — 3d6 psychic damage

The Willow’s Crown

About eight meters in diameter, this top of the tree has a broken-off top resembling the caldera of a volcano. The floor is swept clear, and empty but for Gloomwillow herself. The mad dryad stands at the center of the room, gripping a child of about 11 years by the hair.

When Gloomwillow is staggered for the first time, she concentrates on the battle against the adventurers. This has the ancillary effect of letting the walking willow out of her control. The tree begins walking, then sprinting.

This is a double strength fight. 

PCs Gloomwillow Mossback Mossback Minion Walking Willow
2 1 0 0 0
3 1 1 1 1
4 1 1 4 2
5 1 2 5 3
6 1 3 6 4
7 1 4 6 6

Gloomwillow is a reskinned Wild Dryad (Lions & Tigers & Owlbears: 13th Age Bestiary 2p.206)

Walking Willow is a reskinned Awakened Trees (13 True Ways p.202)

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