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Hi all,

Does anyone know if the English translation of Aquelarre from Chaosium was done on an offset printer or is it POD?

Also does anyone know if the scenarios written for Aquelarre will also be translated to English

Seriously thinking to pick this up!



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The version being Distributed by Chaosium is apparently the Kickstarter version, which is offset printed and not POD.  No idea if this means it is smyth sewn for the binding, if that is something you are also interested to know.

As far as other supplements being translated and brought over, being that Chaosium is just distributing what was published by Nocturnal Media, that would be up to Nocturnal Media and Nosorol.  My personal take is that it doesn't look like it is going to happen because unfortunately Nocturnal Media has not has not shown any life as a company for a very long time.

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