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Revolution D100 at GenCon Online


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Dear fans,

We failed our collective CON roll against Coronavirus, and GenCon will be online this year. We wish to take advantage of the situation and we are starting to schedule some Revolution D100 gaming events for that weekend. I have already submitted a game of The Conspiracy Theory and will submit a Red Moon Rising scenario of high adventure. These are paying events, but it is as low as $4 per game, as we have not added any surcharges.

I will run on Fantasy Grounds with Ultimate License, that is free for players. If someone has some specific wishes for other scenarios let me know, I think I can submit at least one more game. The final list will be available on July 4th at gencon.com/online .

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6 hours ago, 1d8+DB said:

And now that I possess Da Vinci's genius I  can figure what the deal is with my microphone pickup.


As for keeping the rules accessible, this point is always on our radar. You could in fact download the manual from fantasy grounds during play, but since that version is not up to date I preferred not to tell you; 

Other points I wanted to address but had no time to finish before GenCon were:

  • Automatic calculation of action cost in terms of Readiness points; it can be frustrating when the GM does everything for you;
  • a version of the online manual limited to the rules being in the Conspiracy Theory, much shorter and easier to read;
  • an  automatic or semi automatic list of all available combat effects, according to youe latest combat result

Proud member of the Evil CompetitionTM

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