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Update about POD releases on Jonstown Compendium


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Please note that until further notice OneBookShelf, who run DriveThruRPG, has asked us (Chaosium) not to approve and pass on to them any further Print-On-Demand requests for community content. This is for operational reasons at their end.

You may not be aware, but the process to create each POD test print is time-consuming and sometimes problematic for OBS. For those reasons the practice was discontinued outright for the DM's Guild. We are fortunate it is allowed on the Jonstown Compendium, but that is by their discretion. 

Chaosium has a very long-standing and successful partnership with OBS/DTRPG, which we are not going to take advantage of. Not every JC community title needs to be or should be available as POD. So, going forward, we have advised creators that only titles that have achieved Electrum seller status in PDF format (250 sales) shall be eligible for consideration for POD.

The Electrum threshold comes from us (Chaosium), not OBS. We have instituted this to help our community content programs stay in OBS's good graces. We have to be mindful of how often we approve titles to get processed for POD publishing on DTRPG. They have a limited capacity to add POD titles on their site.

MOB - Chaosium Inc.

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Thank you, MOB. I know how challenging it is to create Print On Demand products, and it’s good to have guidelines for creators and customers alike re: when it will be practical to expect them.

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And a quick note of reassurance: two recent titles (our own Rough Guide to Glamour and Drew's superb Six Seasons in Sartar) achieved Electrum seller status in a fortnight. This is a speed bump and sanity check, not a brick wall.

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Jonstown Compendium creators – you will be aware we have a rule in place that a title must reach Electrum Seller status (250+ copies) before being eligible for Print-On-Demand. This is to assist OneBookShelf, who have limited capacity to add POD titles on their site. We are fortunate POD is allowed on our community programs at all (it was stopped for the DM's Guild), but that is kindly at OBS's discretion.

However, please note that Chaosium may, from time-to-time, approve a Jonstown Compendium title for POD *before* it reaches 250+ sales. We may even approve a title for POD on initial release. This is at our discretion, and will be done for internal Chaosium business reasons.

Please do not ask. If we want a particular title to be POD before it reaches Electrum sales status, we will get in touch with you! — MOB, Chaosium Inc.

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ATTENTION CREATORS: for the time being, going forward only English language titles will be eligible for Print-On-Demand in the Jonstown Compendium*. This restriction has been put in place for business and licensing reasons, and to help manage capacity for OBS/DriveThruRPG.

Please remember the Jonstown Compendium is fortunate that POD is still an option at all; OBS/DriveThruRPG stopped POD altogether for some similar community content programs.

*The title still must first meet the Electrum sales status (250+ copies in PDF) in order to qualify.

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