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Great Pendragon Campaign GM Discussion - 485 AD (SPOILERS)

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It's been a while... but I'm back, ready to pick up where I left off... at the beginning!

To alleviate confusion, this is the first post in this series that's at the start of the published Great Pendragon Campaign, beginning in 485 AD. The Book of Uther covers 480-484. I've started campaigns in both, and I can say I honestly don't have a preference.

I'm sure someone's done a detailed post somewhere about how to get started with the campaign here, so I'll just give my summary:

  •  The Great Pendragon Campaign (print and electronic): Sadly, the GPC is a huge book - in fact, so huge that the index was omitted. I have both print and electronic - one that I can fill with post-its and easily navigate between sections if need be, and an electronic one for searches and tablet reading.
  • Free PDFs: There's a GPC Character stats document, and an electronic version of the index. Both are easily found at the publisher's website. The first is good if you need statistics for prominent characters - such as that assault on you know who - and the second might be useful if you don't have the electronic version, I guess.
  • The Book of Uther: Contains background on various courtly personalities, an expanded timeline of the Uther years that enhances and sometimes contradicts the one in GPC, etc.
  • The Marriage of Count Roderick:  Describes the Salisbury/Silchester rivalry that plays out this year, if you don't want to make up your own reasons.

As for this year itself... BoU clarifies that the Saxon king mentioned in the "Gossip" section is Aesc, not Hengest.

Two main events occur this year: the Battle of Mearcred Creek, and the Siege at Allington from the main rulebook. Based on a comment I saw elsewhere, I think Greg wasn't sure that the first actual session should involve a battle - but the next major one wouldn't be until 490.

...so there's not much going on this year other than that, unless anyone wants to add any thoughts.

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I used the first year as a way to introduce some of the rules of the system. Especially if you are using supplements this is good way to introduce the extra rules.

I used the battle of Mearcred creek as a way to introduce battles. If you use the Book of Battle it is a good way to introduce it. The battle is simple and is explained in the BoB in more detail. 

If you use Book of Knights and Ladies to introduce knights from various areas I also recommend Book of Sires, as it gives more in depth background of those areas. As a matter of fact I use Book of Sires also to get inspired and get a good feel of the area and the relationships between the various lords and ladies living there.

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