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I also did a bunch of powers specifically for the Classic Fantasy monk that would work. "Thought about it" - yes. Could have a pile of martial arts styles, each with different special effects and tie them to mysticism effects as well. Armor and big weapons are not going to be anywhere as common.


edit: you can probably find more using the spelling "wuxia".

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3 hours ago, Raleel said:

... Armor and big weapons are not going to be anywhere as common ...

I think the "big weapons" trope isn't really all that uncommon... but they tend to be very niche/specialist (and/or Bad Guy) weapons.

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Indeed, but almost certainly not the hero, and likely only a minor protagonist if a protagonist. The giant weapon is often portrayed as slow and dangerous, which is counter to the protagonist. 

essentially, anything with an H force I think is probably in this category. Spears and other pole arms are much more used. You get the very occasional dadao or other two handed sword, and there is the scene in crouching tiger hidden dragon with the weapon the heroine cannot carry, but it’s uncommon. It doesn’t suit the Aesthetic

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