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Come play Chaosium TTRPGs at PAX Online - Sept 17th-20th


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Come play Chaosium tabletop rpgs at PAX Online! We're running over 100 tables of events, 24 hours a day from September 17th - 20th. Games include Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Questworlds, Aquelarre, and 13th Age Glorantha. All offered by volunteer Gamemasters who are part of our Organized Play group, the Cult of Chaos.

Sessions are offered in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese with GMs in all three North American and South American time zones, UK/Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Player event sign up is now OPEN! (and filling fast!)
All of these events are offered for FREE. Just like they are at PAX normally.

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Hey, @Todd@Chaosium, we're less than 24 hours out from go time, and there's no platform/connection info up yet for Wyrmghost Ruins, at least not that I can see. 


Do you have any info, or a way to contact Manuel Molinier (GM) besides commenting on the event? Thanks.

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Chaosium Tabletop Gaming starts at PAX Online today!

We're running Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Questworlds, Aquelarre, and 13th Age Glorantha, 24 hours a day until September 20th. It's FREE, and there are still slots left. Sign up to play at the link!


And, for the duration of PAX Online, use the code 'PAXONLINE2020' at Chaosium.com to get 10% off your order.

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