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Lords of the Middle Sea - EN World Interviews Jason Durall


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Find out more about LORDS OF THE MIDDLE SEA, one of our new RPG projects! Line developer Jason Durall talks with Charles Dunwoody of EN World about the coming game, set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of a flooded North America.


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Sounds really good.

I like that

- Passions made it into the rules

- Skills and Combat will be more streamlined

- Creating the ship is a major part of character/party creation

- the setting seems to be more grounded (well, watered or whatever ...) and not that gonzo. Not that I don't like gonzo, but there's a lot of gonzo post-apocalyptic stuff out there, so something with a more "old west feeling" is a welcome change of pace.


I'm not that interested in vehicle rules (I really don't ever seem to need those), but apart from that, everything in that interview whets my appetite!

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Quite a few good tidbits:

Archetypes, backgrounds, personality, passions, reputation, contacts, streamlined skills and combat, ships and crew roles. Clearly, roleplaying mechanics will be showcased. Being BRP, there are quite a few possible variants.

Will we see a shorter list of personality traits? Are they lifted straight from BGB? From Pendragon?

How long will the skill list be? How is it streamlined (skills dropped, skills combined)? What they be modified by characteristics (skill modifiers)?

Will contacts work like they do in RQG (as loyalty passions)? Will reputation work like in RQG?

How will combat be streamlined? Will it use hit locations? SR or DEX rank?

Anyway, so far, it looks very promising.

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