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... So I'm converting nWoD Vampire the Requiem into BRP. its not that I do not like the nWoD system, I think its great, but i want to try this out and see if it really works. If it does I may well end up converting every setting in nWoD to BRP (mage may be a bit tricky with its free magic system, but I have an idea how to do it.).

I'm sorry to say that i can't post the conversion as it would violate many copyright rules. Some of the rules i can tell about if anyone wonders.

So anyone tried to do this before?

Heres a few of the conversions I have done without giving away copyright material.


The Blod stat is as normal, going from 1 to 10, and increasing with Blood Potency just as in nWoD

Humanity is a stat that is going from 1 - 100, everybody starts on 70. When you a rolling to loose or increase, you use a D10.

Disciplines becomes skill that ranges from 1-100, each started 20% gives a new level and ability with that discipline. It is possible to go over a 100% if you have great enough Blood potency and then get special powers within it..

Each point in Blood Potency gives 3% resistance against supernatural influence. The reason it is not greater is because vampires with a certain height in Blood potency would be almost completely immune to effects. This way it will go from 3-30%

1 Hp will convert into 1 blood when vampires drink. But a Vampire drinking from another vampire will only drain its Blood Stat.

Disciplines that needs to get a dice throw will use a relevant skill. Otherwize it uses blood or is automatic, also many need a throw and use blood.

Clan Bonus

Devea: + 3 dex

Ventrue / Julii: + 3 app

Mekhet: + 3 int

Gangrel: + 3 constitution

Nosferatu: + 3 strength


I have also converted the Discipline of Animalism so far.

Tea and Madness

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My 2 cents.

You might want to consider increases the range of the Blood Stat in BRP to 1-40 or so. Reasons why:

* Stats in WoD are on a 1-5 scale with 2 average, where BRP uses 3D6 and 2D6+3 for stat ranges. This means that a Blood Potency of 5 should be around a 18 to 20 rating. So if BP can go up to 10 then it should be higher (say twice) that of a max stat character, or in the 36-42 range.

*Since BRP hit points are about twice the nWoD Health rating, you then if you want the ratio for blood and healing to be the same, then you need to double the blood potency rating or have it give a 2 per one benefit. Otherwise vampires won't be able to hold enough blood to heal more than half thier HP.

*Since bonuses for high stats are not as pronounced in BRP as in Vampire, PCs will need more blood points to get the same sort of benefits.

Some other suggestions:

* Use POW instead of Hit Points for Blood Points. That way animals will provide fewer blood points than humans. If you double BP like I suggested above, use 2xPOW or maybe POW+SIZ.

*Instead of giving magic resistance, Blood Potency could be added to POW for resistance rolls. If you use the increase range for BP, then only add half to POW. That way you don't have to reinvent a core BRP mechanic. It might even be possible to completely replace POW with BP for vampires.

*You may even want to start PCs off with a higher Blood potency or come up with an equivalent to merit points (freebie points) for customizing a character. Reason being that a BP rating of 2 in Vampire is eqivant to a 10-11 stat rating in an attribute. 1 BP won't mean as much in BRP terms as it does in Vampire.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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Animal HP will not be worth as much blood, more HP must go down to be worth anything. And POW is going to be used as something else. Only those using blood rituals and such wil have use for it.

Blood Potency is a measurement of age not how much blood (though it will show how much blood will be available in its own stat. So it will only give bonus to certain things. And not necessary one for one.

One blood point will heal two hp (four if its blunt). And five blood points each night will heal two aggravated, but no more.

The system will be tweaked to fit BRP and not be wod with just complete translation. Basically there will be an add on system for BRP

As there are only one type of damage in BRP, Bullets will only do 1 HP of dmg, if its not aimed at the head. Same thing with blunted attacks

Bladed weapons will make normal amount of dmg. And Aggravated dmg will be normal amount but hard to heal.

I'm coming back to this for more info, but working on a Cthulhutech story for my group tomorrow.

So more info later in the week.

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Tea and Madness

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I was considering swiping the "bashing damage" rule from nWoD for BRP. I think it would cerrtainly help in keeping unarmed attacks down a bit.

It might be just the thing to prevent multiple fatalities in a BRP barroom brawl.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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