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BRP vs cthulhu v6, v5? & Byakhee


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I have to be honest and say this is more about the cthulhu games than brp but since I own BRP and am an avowed newbie, then I can probably ask these questions here. :)

I've ordered Call of Cthulhu v6 but it hasn't arrived yet. I have found a program called Byakhee on sourceforge that can generate investigators either on the v5 or v5.5 ruleset. As a newbie I have no idea what the differences might be from v5 to v6 since I don't/won't own v5. Can someone clue me in on the major differences between v5, v5.5 and v6? I'd really like to know if generating some quick investigators with Byakhee will be practical or not when used in v6.

My second question is about the differences between v6 and BRP? Much of a difference or not?

Appreciate your answers in advance. :)

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Absolutely minimal difference btw. CoC version 5 & 6. CoC is a bit more minimalistic than BRP at its core, but BRP could also be identical to CoC, depending on what kind of rules you chose to use. The difference is anyway not much, basically BRPjust has more rules to chose from.


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I really like the rules-light wealth system in the new BRP.

Flight to Peru: Expensive

Camping gear: Average

Guide to mysterious tomb: Inexpensive

Sledgehammer to break open door: Cheap

Awakening one of the Great Old Ones: Priceless

There are some things man was not meant to know.

For everything else, there`s a Status Roll.

(Or a SAN check)


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