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Got my OpenQuest rulebook today


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Got my OpenQuest rulebook today and had a sudden urge to write about my first impressions and post some pictures on the Vorpal Mace blog. It's a rather pointless and short post, but I didn't want to wait another month or two to get my shit together before I can write a review and say kudos for the honest craftsmanship of the book. Keep up the good work!
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No, no it was just a typo, that you made in the heat of making your post 😉

OK with my Moderator Hat on here, and also as creator of OpenQuest. 

I didn't write the game to support Gor or any other setting that is as misogynistic or problematic as Gor is. 

Suggesting otherwise, or engaging in discussions about how to use OpenQuest with such settings, will get on my wrong side. 

Right I'm going to close this post now. 


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