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Caledonian rulers and interesting folk in 480 e.v.?

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I've been reading Beyond the Wall to research my Pictish knight's background (Uhtred mac Doughall mac Unust mac Cadal, called le Beau) ~ but we're in 480 e.v. and that book is set in 521 e.v. or so?  It's definitely helping me get an idea of geography and culture and things, but most of the characters named in the book I feel the need to not use, since I can't assume they are around ~ or even born yet! ~ 41 years before the book is set.  Does anyone have any info on, like, who ruled Escoce or Caithness or Lothian in 480?  Or just anyone cool running around Caledonia at this early date?

(ftr, Uhtred is a child of the Decantae, whose grandaddy killed Constantin in revenge for Constantin having his way with Unust's sister and maybe being his nephew's daddy.  Unust and his family came down to Jagent at Vortigern's request, but Doughall came back to Salisbury after being sent to fight in Aquitaine as a dissenter to woo AEife, Uhtred's mama.)

either e/em/eir pronouns OR fey/fem/fear OR be/bim/bos pronouns {if you don't want to learn new words, singular they is OK}

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Might not be the complete answer, but the GPC does have the event in 492 that King Lot, King Uriens (Lot's good and loyal friend), and King Nentes of Garloth all come down to Tintagel where Margawse marries Lot, Elaine marries Nentres, Queen Ygraine is very pregnant in a very bit celebration.  Pages 25-27 pf GPC gives a quick list of info and some of the North is described there.

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Unfortunately, there really hasn't been much material on Caledonia pre-Arthur; the North basically doesn't come up at all until Uther arranges northern marriages for his new step-daughters. Lot, Nentres, and Uriens practically spring up fully-formed in that moment for all we know of them and their home region. Anything else you'd have to stitch together. For the most part, you can just assume that the people in power c. 485 are the parents or grandparents of whomever's in charge c. 520. and work from there.

We do know, though, that King Carados of Escoce was born in 468 (and thus is a year younger than Lot, who was born in 467, which is actually surprisingly young). We also know his father's name: Galam. So Galam is probably king at this time in your campaign, but that's about all we can say about him.

We know more about Lot and Nentres. The two are both grandsons of one of Cunedda Wledig's many sons who all founded their own kingdoms in either Wales or Caledonia. Specifically, Lot's grandfather is Tybion and Nentres's is Herawd. Lot's father is named Cadlew, and Nentres's is named Clydog. Of Nentres's mother, we only know that her name is Druantia. Lot's mother is more interesting: Named Der-Ilei, she is described as a "Pict Princess of Orkney." Reminder that Orkney in Pendragon is this very weird, insular, creepy place that spends most of its time being ruled over by an enchantress. Perhaps that goes back much further back than you'd expect?

It's also interesting in that if we assume Nentres and Uriens are of a similar age as Lot, then for them to be regarded as strong and well-known kings by 494 - when Lot would be 27 - then all three took the throne at least a few years before that. Meaning they were all very young men - maybe even boys - when they became kings (which makes Lot's mockery of Arthur a funny bit of hypocrisy, always a plus in my book). If we add this assumption and the above one about Der-Ilei, it paints a very interesting picture of Lothian's court politics around the time of Lot's ascension.

For Uriens, you can just draw from his inspiration, Urien Rheged. In which case his father is this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cynfarch_Oer

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