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  1. Leingod

    Conan came to Glorantha and rode a bison.

    Pretty sure getting Conan would require some godlike rolls, since in addition to being big and strong, Conan is also extremely fast and agile (when he moves he's very often compared to a leopard or other big cat, moving with incredible speed and grace and able to do so near-silently), very clever and canny if lacking in formal education, and charismatic enough that he usually ends up leading any group he joins unless it's led by a woman, in which case he inevitably becomes her right-hand man (it's interesting to note that Conan seems almost incapable of taking orders from other men for very long, but has no problems following the lead of a woman he respects). His POW would certainly be high, though he distrusts magic and was definitely only ever a lay worshiper of Crom at best, so he'd be lacking in spells but would probably be willing to accept enchanted equipment, pragmatic as he is. For what it's worth, I'd say Crom is something like a combination of Storm Bull and Humakt; he's a gloomy, dour god of battle and warfare who has no demands of his followers but that they fight, kill and die. He despises the weak and so it is worse than useless to call on him for aid: he sends only curses and doom to those who try, and thus his name is typically only invoked in oaths and curses. "But he gave a man courage at birth, and the will and might to kill his enemies, which, in the Cimmerian's mind, was all any god should be expected to do." For all the liberties it took, Conan's prayer to Crom in the film is pretty much the only kind of "prayer" a Cimmerian would ever try to make:
  2. Leingod

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    Or how pretty much any kind of fruit was often called an "apple" in English, or just about any kind of polearm could be called a "halberd" or "bill."
  3. Leingod

    Nochet - pronunciation

    I pronounce it like "No Chet," though I often say the "ch" like a "sh" so it sounds more like I'm saying "No Shet."
  4. Leingod

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    No idea, I haven't found it either. It might be somewhere on the subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SixAges/
  5. Leingod

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    I imagine your clan would disband before you'd sacrificed the necessary 100 of them to the Thirsty Earth. It's an achievement if you make a Raven worshiper your chief, just like in KoDP, so there's that. And I'm not sure I can really say that Raven worshipers seem overall more reliable than Tricksters, though the in-game text (and their advice) gives me the impression that they're less loony than the average Eurmali, and their more "out there" stuff usually seems less malicious (until Raven starts demanding human sacrifice). It's interesting to think about the differences (which I went into a bit earlier). It might just be the difference between Raven and Eurmal; Raven was lazy and gluttonous, but never went out of his way to betray Hyalor in "Raven & Hyalor" the way Eurmal betrays... well, everyone he can at some point, including himself. Perhaps part of it is the outlet provided by the ritual ill-treatment of a captive (up to torture, mutilation and murder) whenever Raven is feeling cruel? After all, whenever that event comes up, your follower of Raven will always say, "Those who do not act cruelly will be acted cruelly upon."
  6. Leingod

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    Speaking of this map, there's some interesting stuff to talk about here, too. To start with, there's that little circular cut-out that's always near your clan lands, where the valley meets the forests surrounding the Imther Mountains. There's an interesting encounter that fires if you explore that location: I'd never heard of Uldak and can't seem to find reference to him anywhere. It raises the question of whether or not the Dara Happans are familiar with Daga, because Uldak seems to be a god of drought as well, and like Daga is the son of Yelm (but by an Earth mother instead of an Air one). Also, this seems to lead credence to @Sir_Godspeed's speculation that more archaic myths had Yelm married to an Earth goddess (specifically Oria) rather than Dendara. Also, tip for when you play, don't trust Uldak; I've never done it myself, but I have taken the option of warning everyone about it, and I got a message that another clan tried to do the offering and suffered for it (I don't remember how exactly).
  7. Leingod

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    I haven't seen any reference to her outside of this game, and I don't remember the plateau being given a name or location, though that could very well just be poor memory on my part. I have a suspicion that we'll learn more about Cenala in the sequel, Six Ages: Lights Going Out. She might have been one of the many divinities killed during the Great Darkness who weren't restored with the Dawn, for example.
  8. Leingod

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    No, I haven't. I'll have to try that next time; in-game it's a lot harder to explore different places than it was in King of Dragon Pass. Anyway, the last myth in the game is one that you receive (at least in this form) only in-game through play, and only if you accept the Cenala Revelation. What is the Cenala Revelation? It's right here, in "Hyalor's Long Ride:" Cenala is a demigoddess, the daughter of Hyalor and Adrya. She lives on the same plateau her parents met on (she seems tied to it in some way; she claims that being away from it too long would make her mortal), and the revelation of Hyalor's last child often causes a religious schism among Rider clans in the valley, with some accepting Cenala's parentage and others rejecting the idea that Hyalor has an elf daughter of all things. If you're persuasive and during certain events you can get the valley to either accept each others' opinions or have them all accept one or the other interpretation. I haven't really tried to play through as someone who rejects the Cenala Revelation, admittedly; there just doesn't seem much reason for me to. If you accept the Cenala Revelation, vines grow on your shrine to Hyalor as a sign of her blessing, and you can use your relationship with her to ward off or make peace with elves. In addition, after a piece of the sky falls and utterly devastates the valley clans you can send a mission to plead for her assistance, which she comes and grants by restoring the bounty of the area after it gets scorched. And my favorite part: you can have her officiate the marriage between Beren and Redalda as another show of the divine favor for the marriage.
  9. Leingod

    Balazaar in 1625?

    In Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind, I recently got an event where you can find some hunting Votanki on your lands, and it turns out if you feed them instead of chasing them away they'll tell you a bit about themselves. Specifically, they talk about their immortal hero Votank, who taught them how to hunt and whose boon companion, Brother Dog, they also worship. So perhaps Votank was the one who led those people south with Brother Dog?
  10. Leingod

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    The next-to-last myth regards the closest thing the Hyalorings have to the worship of Eurmal: They venerate the spirit known as Raven as "Elmal's Shadow," and those shamans chosen by this spirit are a bit like bonded tricksters among the Orlanthi (though seemingly not abused nearly as much). Raven followers will often do something either helpful or harmful during Sacred Time, giving you more or less Magic; they might bully or trick spirits into handing you more magic, for instance, or they might give magic away or cost some of it by doing something like perching on top of your shrine/temple to Elmal. They can also impact your clan's harmony by entertaining the clan (like by dressing up in a ridiculous costume and yelling "I'm Orlanth!" while breaking wind) or pissing people off (like revealing peoples' secrets to each other). Sometimes they'll also either steal or give away cattle, or trick two clans into giving you cattle, etc. And sometimes things get dark. When a bunch of ravens congregate, it's a sign that Raven wants you to perform a certain ritual that involves the ill-treatment of a captive. The clan ultimately chooses how bad this ill-treatment gets - you can, for instance, just volley insults, force them to denigrate their own clan and smear them in bird poop - or you can straight-up ritually torture and maim/kill them, which is what your Raven follower will always argue for. "Those who do not act cruelly will be acted cruelly upon." And sometimes you'll just find them out in the woods doing the whole ritual torture and murder thing on a captured Samnali that they used their magic to lure to them, which is what the image below shows. In-game, there actually is a local clan who call themselves the Pure Horse Clan who eschew the herding of all animals except horses, believing themselves holy for doing so. I wonder if Kargzant is a sort of synthesis of Elmal/Hyalor that emerged out of an increased emphasis on horses and horsemanship in clans like these?
  11. Leingod

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    It's probably not really indicative of anything deeper, I was sort of just making a joke. After all, the typical clan ring of an Orlanthi has 7 positions (and similarly the Hyaloring clan circle has 7 as well). I actually forgot one myth, so we have 3 left, not 2. The first is "Hippogriff Reborn." As you might guess, this one is the story of Hippogriff becoming the first horse and Hyalor becoming the first Rider. In-game, the Hyalorings actually aren't aware that Hyalor is the son of Yamsur unless you pick the right option during the Ritual and Gamari mentions it off-handedly, which your clan is very excited about since Hyalor's divine parentage had been unclear to them. Given the mention of Yamsur enjoying dropping by Nivorah to party, I'm willing to bet that Hyalor was fathered by Yamsur on some Nivoran girl. Hyalor might have been talking from experience when he spoke to Gamari; I can imagine "Splendid Yamsur" made some promises to take care of his son and then acted like a total deadbeat, leaving him in Elmal's care. I should note that by the Third Age, the legend of Hyalor told by the Orlanthi refers to the first horse as being named Hippoi rather than Gamari, and the tale ends by saying that Man got the better deal, because Horse does more work in this partnership. Technically that's also illustrated in the ending here, but rather than being wry about it the Hyalorings love and celebrate Gamari for all she provides.
  12. Leingod

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    Funny, Eurmal always strikes me as more like Daffy Duck than Bugs Bunny.
  13. Leingod

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    Zarlen is the "Bright-Tailed Wanderer, god of explorers." Exploration being an important and dangerous task in the Storm Age, as you might imagine. He's also a guardian of travelers in general; his Safe Travel blessing protects all of your missions from being ambushed. With one exception, the last three myths are about Hyalor, so I'll get the exception out of the way, "Relandar's Ranking." I think this one is my favorite with how grouchy Relandar is about Hyalor's tablet. Relandar, incidentally, is the "wise sage and teacher" of the pantheon, so he has some aspects of Lhankor Mhy (but not literacy or divination, which is Buseryan's thing). The part with Osara definitely feels like a later interpolation, by the by. The Samnali are mentioned not to worship Relandar, and in his place worship what the Hyalorings describe as, "a stiff-necked god of nobles." And yet Relandar is said in this myth to have "always" been the god of nobles. I guess the Samnali interpretation is sufficiently different that the Hyalorings are willing to claim that he isn't even Relandar anymore? Also, is it just me, or is Relandar repeatedly dividing himself into seven, and doing things like "showing people connections they had not noticed before," kind of... reminiscent of something? Something, uh, important in Glorantha's Third Age?
  14. Leingod

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    It turns out there is a much more explicit reference to Vadrus, though not by that name or by Ovadorudus, in "Zarlen's First Wander:" Obviously, Hurt-Everything is Vadrus, and his children are mostly just as easy. Freeze-Everything is Valind, Chase-Everything is Gagarth, and Hide-Everything is probably Iphara, though I guess you could argue for Molanni. Demon City refers to Alkoth (who can enter the valley under the auspices of the Dara Happans and cause a lot of trouble; performing "Elmal Guards the Sunpath" and asking for strength against them is the only way I've found to consistently deal with them without losing a lot of resources). Zarlen's treatment really sucks in this one; pretty much everyone except Elmal and maybe Hyalor (and his wife Vashya) comes off pretty badly here. I unfortunately don't know what opinion the Samnali might have of Zarlen, as his Heroquest isn't one you can actually perform. Then again, I think we can guess that they don't really pay him much worship given both his portfolio and position in the pantheon. They probably view him as a vagrant, or even a thief.
  15. Leingod

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    The distinction might have been made sometime later as they learned more about the Orlanthi; I'm not really sure. Well, it's the metal of Death, and it was a brother of Orlanth who discovered Death; occasionally when you fight Vingkotlings in a raid you'll even fight a champion in a duel who sounds suspiciously like a Humakti. Which is as good a segway as any into talking about the Hyaloring healing goddess Erissa, and her myth "Erissa Denies Her Suitor": It's interesting because Chalanna Arroy never shows any special relationship with Death (or Humakt) in Orlanthi myth, except maybe that one time she heals Humakt so that he'll spare Heort. I think that's really the only mention of the two interacting I've ever seen. Yet here, Death comes to Erissa as a suitor, and the relationship defines them both. Also note that it is neither Humakt nor Eurmal here who slays Grandfather Mortal, but someone referred to as "Soldier" (though I suppose it could be referring to Humakt anyway). It's also interesting that they don't equate Erissa with Harana Illor except by suggestion (i.e. having her be a cupbearer in the Celestial Court), even though the Hyalorings recognize enough similarity between Erissa and the Ram goddess Chalanna Arroy that you can even have a healer invoke the latter name when fighting Rams to secure a ceasefire to heal a wounded chieftain. Also an interesting optional thing that can happen in the game is that your clan's Beren will be captured by the Samnali and have his eyes put out; this is a variation on a similar random event that happens to some random member of your clan. Like in the normal version, having a follower of Erissa try to heal him will only partially work, but in this case you can give a message to Redalda (who has met and fallen in love with Beren by this point, but the two can't yet get married), and one of her followers, a worshiper of Chalanna Arroy, will heal Beren's blindness. And in fact later you can claim divine sanction for the marriage between Beren and Redalda when you argue on his behalf to the chief of her clan, and one of the options if you've had the event is to bring up how their goddess Chalanna Arroy healed his blindness. The chief will actually agree: indeed, Chalanna Arroy has healed Elmal's blindness (because Beren has Heroformed as Elmal multiple times by this point). In another interesting potential event, when Redalda is born representatives of her clan will go around the valley bringing the news of this auspicious birth (much as you can do with Beren and a similar Samnali descendant of Elmal will do). One of the options you can offer as a blessing to the young girl is to offer to bind a spirit to her to guide and protect her. If you pick the option not to get the first available spirit but to look far and wide for the best, a horse spirit will agree to protect her and will whisper the girl's name in her mother's ear, leading to her being named Redalda (I think, but may be mis-remembering, that if you don't do this exact sequence of events she will instead be called Redayle).