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  1. On the other hand, clerical disapproval didn't stop people from swearing, they just made up minced oaths, and whatever the clergy might try to tell people about that, there are minced oaths being used in the Bible itself. So you can just make up some euphemistic way to swear the oath or vow.
  2. Sometimes it seems like a recipe for spiraling into madness in Glorantha, too.
  3. Can't really help you with the passions and such, but as for tribe, generally speaking you probably won't directly change tribes, you'll just become part of a different clan and if that clan is part of a different tribe you're part of that tribe now, too. In Sartar, at least, the tribe isn't really a "top-down" entity that you'll seek to join directly. Unless you're going the specific route of becoming a part of the tribal king/queen's own household/retinue, in which case being a part of the king's household probably makes you more or less a member of that tribe. Especially if the king rewards
  4. Well, not necessarily. In the above, another point to consider is that older hippogriffs aren't as easy to bond with, as they're more set in their ways, thus they can only bond "with disparity." You might transplant that over to griffins and have it that they can be bonded with, you just need to get them very young, so there can be an adventure to acquire eggs or chicks (cubs?) if the PKs really want their griffin mounts. Of course, the problem then arises that it's more than a little unfair for a knight to be attacking his enemies from the air. You could rule that it's fine for monsters
  5. Of course, that's for Runequest, so a different system, but built along the same lines enough that you can move it over here just fine. 😉 You just have to use Passions in place of Rune Affinities. The basic system is that the hippogriff has a personality of its own; it has its own passions and ideals, and it won't bond easily with a knight who doesn't share those things in common. Give each hippogriff three Passions, and two ideals that the PK can appeal to when trying to convince it (see below). If you have a high affinity (let's say, 15+ in one or more Passions the hippogriff prize
  6. There are rules and a ready-made adventure for bonding with hippogriffs in The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories.
  7. The Orlanthi know him as Rigsdal, and in that guise he's had a write-up as a sub-cult of Elmal and has been stated as also being a sub-cult for Orlanth (being a Thunder Brother). You can probably also find him in stuff like the Book of Heortling Mythology under that name. Of course, that's from HeroQuest, so there's a chance it's not really compatible with how he'll be portrayed in any future RuneQuest materials.
  8. In the Book of Uther, there are eight Roman civitates in Logres that retain the right to self-government, and Durnovaria/Dorsette is one of them. This means it has its own senate and senators, and it fields its own army and officers. In The Great Pendragon Campaign, the title "praetor" is said to refer (in this context) to refer to a lord whose power derives from the city he rules. So, Praetor Jonathel might be the guy in charge overall of Durnovaria/Dorsette, and he would have been elected by the city's senate rather than appointed to that job by the king like a sheriff or duke, or inheriting
  9. Less a "theory" and more a stupid headcanon: Your elemental rune affinity directly affects your comfort level for various temperatures and weather patterns, or at least some of them do, and this has directly impacted the cultures of people where certain runes predominate. The most extreme examples are Fire and Air, which are opposites in this regard. Or at least, they are as represented by Orlanth and Yelm; with the likes of Storm Bull or Yelmalio things are a bit different. A strong Fire Rune affinity makes you very resistant to heat but very susceptible to cold; that's why Dara Happans
  10. My own thoughts on it is that I would definitely go with Lot being born in 467 or thereabouts, and thus with him becoming king before his majority. Because that means there's a story behind how Lot becomes the dominant force in Caledonia by the time he marries Margawse, one more complicated than just "He's got Pictish allies because of his mom and he's a good general, so he just conquered everyone." And if that makes Lot's comments about Arthur come off as hypocritical... I mean, why would that stop him? Heck, that's something I'd want to lean into when telling that story, not shy away from.
  11. Possibly. In the story of the First Ring, Orlanth gifts Lhankor Mhy the Ivory Marking Bone, which is described as being able to "mark signs of power upon anything." Animal bones have often been used in tools for tattooing, historically.
  12. I'm not so sure about that. Your most common enemy isn't the same thing as your #1 enemy. Usually conflict between Orlanthi is just low-level, small-scale stuff. Cattle raids and the like, with lots of special rules and customs to keep things from heating up too much that every Orlanthi (in the area, at least) knows and can generally be counted on to adhere to for practical reasons. It's usually with those damn foreigners who don't know the rules for this sort of thing (and who these rules thus don't apply to, either) that things can get really bad. Well, to any Orlanthi who actually c
  13. Leingod


    Wergild isn't just about pure economics and value lost; it's a way of sublimating the impulse to take revenge to keep feuds from happening. If one of "your own" has been hurt, you as an Orlanthi are obligated to seek redress and restitution, whether that be from violence or from legal recourse. Heortling society is a "revenge society," which means the primary means of discouraging wrongdoing is the knowledge that if you hurt someone, their kin are not only expected but required to seek you out and try to get even. Accepting a pittance in wergild because "he wasn't hurt that bad!/he got be
  14. IMG it isn't a huge deal unless it's at "first cousins" level of incest, and it similarly doesn't matter very much if a woman has a child while unmarried unless there's reason to suspect there's some major transgression involved, like an affair, the aforementioned close incest, some suspicion of possible treachery (i.e. canoodling with a Lunar officer while part of an anti-Lunar clan), etc. Or, if there is a stigma, it's a minor enough one that it would be considered a problem for the family/household itself to deal with, not something you drag before the Ring and have all and sundry discussin
  15. The RQG character creation goes with a default assumption of a permanent marriage that only ended with the death of one or both parties (potentially), almost certainly for the sake of easing new players into what is already a more complex and involved process than they might be used to. But as in reality, a Heortling's family situation might be more complicated and outside that "norm." Their parents could be divorced, for example, or the marriage itself was actually temporary, or maybe they're actually the product a sacred union their parents undertook as part of a religious festival (in
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