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  1. Alternatively, the "Cold Sun" fought at the end could be Yelmalio (replacing the Little Yelm station with some other sun god. Kargzant?), depending on what the Heroquest was meant to accomplish. If it's about establishing Elmal as superior to and not a subject of any other Solar entity (thus countering the Dara Happan influence and Lunar revelations that apparently prompted Sartarite Elmali to rebel, while also refuting Monrogh's own answer to this dilemma), you could also include the story from The Book of Heortling Mythology where Elmal is attacked by his jealous brothers who want to steal his brightness (to become the Sun?), only for Elmal to manifest Justice as a "stick" (elsewhere identified as a spear. Lawstaff?) and defeat them, thus taking away "the last particle of decency of the Fire Tribe" as he wanders away with Justice (which he eventually gives to Orlanth).
  2. Would his final confrontation on the Sunpath still be Yonesh(/Yavor?), I wonder? Seems like it wouldn't be as mythically relevant, and the kind of thing that would probably be taken over by some other, more modern enemy. Unless of course this happened during the Great Winter, and Yonesh (as Valind?) could somehow be tied in with that... Oh, yeah, that would work, actually. "Elmal Guards the Stead" is essentially how Elmal steps up and protects the world while Orlanth is away; "Elmal Guards the Sunpath" is how Elmal steps up and protects the world while Yelm is dead. So there's potentially room to borrow the elements of these respective myths to create the story of how Elmal steps up and protects the world while Orlanth is dead. And Yonesh sort of embodies the smothering, wind-less cold crushing the world in Orlanth's absence just as he once represented the sun-less cold crushing the world in Yelm's absence.
  3. Ah, that's because I remembered the wrong source. Redaylde is described as red-haired in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes.
  4. Plus in The Book of Heortling Mythology Barntar is described as so strong he once beat all the Thunder Brothers at arm-wrestling, and IIRC I've seen mentions elsewhere of Barntar being a good wrestler.
  5. Looking over The Book of Heortling Mythology again, I notice the throwaway line about Beren(eth) and Reda(y)lda: "All of their daughters were the Red-Headed Women." This would normally be taken by the Orlanthi to refer either to Vinga or to Redalda (who is the only one of Vingkot's daughters who has any real description given to her, noting that she is red-haired), but it might instead be an artifact of Osara once being present among the Berennethtelli. Further evidence might be that it says that the stories of the Red-Headed Lodge of the Berennethtelli are "included" in the saga of House Vinga, the collection of tales about the Warrior Women of the Vingkotlings. Later Orlanthi who forgot about Osara might have just assumed that it was a local name for Vinga or something and just subsumed the tales of the Red-Headed Lodge into those of the Vingans.
  6. Not so much "fake" and more that they were just philosophical constructs dreamed up by the God Learners to fit things more squarely into their view of the world, IIRC.
  7. Isn't that Brastalos the No Wind?
  8. Do you mean when Orlanth faced down Storm Bull for bullying Yinkin?
  9. Culbrea Tribe: Alright, if you can leap over these bulls, you'll be our king. Hofstaring Treeleaper: 😏
  10. I don't think there's actually any mention of Kero Fin anywhere in the game. It certainly isn't anywhere on the map. As for whether it can be seen, I don't know, is Saird/Holay close enough to Dragon Pass to see Kero Fin? Because that's where you are on the map.
  11. No clue, though I like how it seems to have lightning bolts for pupils and its mouth and those things on the side of its "face" seem to have swirling designs that call to mind either whirlpools or winds. It certainly makes sense for them to figure into ritual worship for Storm worshipers. I bet when the kite-fights get really competitive people start bringing out magic to command the winds to mess up the competition or help their own kite slice through the enemy kites. I can just imagine a bunch of Windlords throwing around powerful magic and getting really intense and serious about flying kites to prove who holds the blessing of Orlanth. Heck, that's probably what the kite-fight between Orlanth and Kolat was; a competition between the two to determine which of them had the better mastery over the wind. Just handled by the two in a much more peaceful fashion than it would have been with, say, Vadrus or Storm Bull.
  12. Kites were popular and important throughout the Polynesian diaspora, as far-off as New Zealand; these were made with cloth rather than paper. In Tahiti, they even used them to help propel their rafts. http://islandheritage.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/RNJ_12_2_Henry.pdf Just look up "Polynesian kites" and you can see some of the designs:
  13. Oh, and there's also a tidbit from a loot table in the Runequest: Glorantha Quickstart adventure that describes a board game that apparently dates from the time of the EWF: Given that you can "remember" the rules I assume it's still played in the Third Age. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't some reference I'm not getting (I never really played a lot of board games growing up).
  14. Just the one from the event itself, but yeah, it seems to run the gamut from pretty basic designs to stuff like what you see in the foreground here.
  15. It actually explicitly states that they didn't drink milk at that time: Most likely the practice (and even ability) to drink animal milk was something the refugees from the Empire needed to develop independently to survive out in the wilderness. Which is probably why the Riders drink kumis (i.e. fermented horse milk) as their primary alcoholic beverage; kumis can be drunken even by people who are lactose-intolerant. They may have received the "kumis gift" from Gamari before Busenari and Uryarda gifted them the ability to drink milk. Well that makes me wonder if Sartar also has resinated wines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retsina Although I could also see it as something more associated with the Tarsh Exiles.
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