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Thegn stats

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So in the Battle Enemy - Saxons table in the back of the main rulebook, it says that any unit listed as heorthgeneats has a thegn or berserker as a leader. The notes also imply that you can roll a thegn on that very table.

Buggered if I can find stats for a thegn anywhere though. Am I missing something obvious?

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Makes sense. Was wondering if there might be stats from an earlier edition that got missed off this table, or some errata somewhere.

Also, I guess no need for a separate thegn entry as you get a free thegn with every heorthgeneats roll.

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The opposite, more likely. Thegn and heorthgeneat were introduced in Saxons!, which was kinda 4.5 edition. Before that, you just had Berserker, Saxon chieftain and Saxon raider, I think.

Book of Uther and the GPC Expansion (which is part of BoU as well as a standalone) have more stats for Saxon opponents. I forget if it uses thegn or chieftain... Or might be that it just has some new enemies rather than repeat the already existing ones.

And yes, no need for a unit of chieftains... You know the saying, too many chiefs and not enough braves? 🙂



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