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King Pharandros of lunar tarsh


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IMO he is an adequate king and heir measured against extraordinary siblings and an extraordinary uncle of greater achievements. HIs grandfather ruled the entire Lunar Provinces and took back the kingdom of Tarsh almost single-handedly (which is almost a pun since he (permanently) lost an arm against Palashee), and his father was a premier Lunar magician of almost major heroic proportions.

He may have issues. He certainly has followers urging him to do away with the dangerous influence Fazzur has over the traditional clans as head of the Orindori and effectively lord of much of southern Tarsh.

If his population in Furthest is as Heartlander as Jeff's recent post on Facebook indicates, they may have encouraged him to employ Dart Competition methods to send Fazzur a message. Unfortunately, Fazzur's followers may be too provincial to regard these assassinations as a mere warning shot.

Fazzur himself might be sufficiently acculturated to Imperial mores from his youth in Sylila that he understands the scope of these "warnings". His reaction - to abandon the battle at Dangerford, leaving the king's followers to botch up the job and take the losses - could be a valid Dart Competition move.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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3 hours ago, Ironwall said:

So what kinda of guy is Pharandros, his history pre and post kingship, why he tried killing his uncle fazzur.

It seems to me that Fazzur could become King through a Dart Competition.  He has the popularity and Imperial connections.  So if he were just to be a wee bit dismissive of the King, Pharandros will develop a severe case of paranoia.  Think of what Joffrey would be like if Jaime wasn't a member of the Kingsguard.  


So possible personality types:

Joffrey- spoiled brat.  Protected by mumsy from a deserving brick wall.

 Hamlet - introspective loner.  His father's ghost has appeared to him and demanded his uncle's head.

Edward II - easily impressed by favourites, rewarding them with many gifts.  Although the King himself is oblivious, these favourites seek to eliminate possible rivals (ie Fazzur) to preserve their own positions.  

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