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RQ6 Mythras differences.


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Did anyone compile a list of changes between RQ6 and Mythras?

Is there anything major?

I have RQ6 and Mythras Imperative and I have just bought "Worlds United", I'm wondering whether I'll be able to run it with what I have or I absolutely need the latest version of Mythras.




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Yes, you can use it. There are a few discussions out there on this, but the changes were largely typographical. The animism chapter was rewritten, but is clearer. 

worlds United will work just fine with either. 

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Man, some days, the autocorrect.
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18 minutes ago, Raleel said:

Yes, you will.

That response is somewhat ambiguous for a question in the form: "can I use 'option A' or do I need 'option B'" ("is it red or blue" -> "yes").

I interpret the rest of your response to indicate "option A" ("run with what I have"), but that emphatic "yes, you will" might mislead the OP.


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