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A ton of RPG stuff I am trying to sell

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Some BRP and some not. I got a bunch of RPG books I am looking to get rid of

Here's the list of what I have for offer:

I'll be happy to ship things to you, but you'll need to pay the shipping costs. Otherwise we can arrange pickup if you happen to be in Portland, Oregon

Paypal is preferred for payments.

Vor Into The Maelstrom from FASA

Core rulebook, plus the force books for Neo soviet, shard, growler, pharon and zykhee.

The only one missing, to my knowledge, is the Union one.

All books are in good condition.

Figure 30 bucks for all 6 books, or 8 dollars for individuals.


Box set of the original game. Shelf worn but books are very good condition.

30 dollars.


Red hardcover. Virtually untouched.

45 dollars

Stormbringer box set

Not sure exactly which edition but its prior to 4th. Missing map, otherwise complete. Shelf worn

25 dollars.

Rogue Mistress

Module for Stormbringer. Its for 4th, but its compatible with the older versions. You'd need a bit of conversion work for other BRP games.

10 dollars

Original Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

2 copies of the players handbook (original and alternate cover)

Monster manual II (cover damaged some)

Fiend Folio

Oriental adventures

Greyhawk adventures

Dragonlance adventures (2 copies)

Wilderness survival guide

Dungeoneers survival guide

Dragonlance modules 1-3

Module D1

Best of dragon volume 3 and 4

Figure 10 dollars for any of the above. 5 dollars for monster manual II

D1 15 dollars

The two "best of dragon" for 15 dollars together

20 for the three Dragonlance modules

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition

Monstrous manual 20 dollars

Complete series (Fighter, priest, thief, bard, paladin) 15 dollars for the lot

Forgotten realms adventures 5 dollars

Mongoose Runequest 1





Legendary heroes


Elfs - guide to aldryami

Cults of Glorantha volume 1

Cults of Glorantha volume 2

Magic of Glorantha

Players guide to Glorantha

15 dollars per book or 100 for the lot.

Fading Suns lot

1st edition rulebook

Technology book

Byzantium Secundus

15 dollars for all 3 or 8 dollars each

Dying Earth


15 dollars

Warhammer fantasy battle

Rulebook very worn

Armies book, hardcover and great condition

30 dollars for the pair.

Castles and Crusades

2 copies of the original rulebook.

10 dollars each.

Warmaster Ancients

The historical version of GW's Warmaster rules

20 dollars


Elric rulebook (Stormbringer 4.5 basically). Plus 3 supplements: Fate of fools, sailing on the seas of fate, unknown east

30 dollars for the lot.


Palladium Vietnam game. The book says "deluxe revised"

5 dollars

Hollow World campaign setting for BX D&D

Maps are sadly absent but the books are there. 15 dollars

Classic D&D Rules Cyclopedia

You know this one. Cover is pretty worn, insides are good.

45 dollars

Warhammer FRP 2nd edition


Realms of sorcery

Sigmars Heirs

Knights of the grail

WFRP Companion (softcover)

Old world bestiary

Old world armoury

20 dollars each for any of the above or give me an offer for the lot.


HARP from ICE. Core rulebook.

15 dollars


Players handbook. THis is the first one, based off AD&D

20 dollars

Warzone Mutant Chronicles wargame rules

1st edition rulebook. Some pages are coming lose

Casualties of war

Dawn of war

Dark Eden

50 dollars for all 4

Warhammer 40.000 2nd edition

Rulebook - 10 dollars

Sisters of Battle codex - 10 dollars

Ork codex - 10 dollars

Dark Millenium rulebook, strategy cards, vehicle cards, psionic cards and warp deck. 30 dollars

Classic Traveller modules

Adventures 1 and 2 (Kinunir and Research Station Gamma)

Double adventures 1 (shadows/Annic Nova) 2 (Across the bright face/mission on mithril), 4 (marooned/marooned alone), 6 (night of conquest/divine intervention)

So 6 books, 10 adventures. These are a lot for 30 dollars.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Dungeoneer, Blacksand, Titan, Out of the Pit

50 dollars for the lot of 4

Updated list to include items already sold, and add prices for everything. Email at runequester@gmail.com or PM me for questions or whatnot

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I would like to leave good Feedback for weasel fierce. The stuff I recieved was shipped very rapidly and quite well protected. All and all a very good transaction. Would buy from again!

There, just like eBay,


Join my Mythras/RuneQuest 6: Classic Fantasy Yahoo Group at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/RQCF/info

"D100 - Exactly 5 times better than D20"

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