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Combat Skill% in BRP and Mythras


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If you are taking about a starting barbarian warrior, he can get 15% from his culture, 15% from his career, and 15% bonus points into a cultural combat style, plus his str and dex. That can put him around 55-75. That’s about the highest without altering rules. A civilian scholar is unlikely to have more than 40 or 50, and even then, they spent some points. 

I would say you are not correct, because higher skill also affects the opponent. I don’t necessarily think it’s all that much higher anyways. 

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As a matter of fact, skill levels also tend to differ from one "pure BRP" game to another, especially if you compare older games to newer ones.

Just check at the base skill values in StormBringer 4 first versions to Elric! and 5th edition, for instance. With SB, most skills will start at you base skill bonus, or 10+skill bonus. Also, an average SB1 beginner fighter is going to have 50/55% in his best weapon skills, whereas 100%+ is easily possible in Elric!

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