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Icarus flew too near the sun, into the blue his red wax did run......


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41 minutes ago, Agentorange said:

But.....if you fly up into the Gloranthan sky do the normal earth rules of physics apply ?


41 minutes ago, Agentorange said:

Would you start to run out of oxygen ?

No, but the Middle Air would draw the air in your lungs to it, so making you breathless, unless you could force the air back into your lungs.

42 minutes ago, Agentorange said:

Would you get incredibly cold....or would the glorious warmth of Yelm cook you to a crisp ?

You might get cold, depending on which air spirits were there.

You would only burn if you passed near the Sun or other Fire-based planets.

The Lower Sky is Entekos, Goddess of the Upper Air, so she is not a fiery goddess.

As you go through the Sky, you reach successive levels, until you reach the Upper Sky, which is Dayzatar's Realm and is pure.

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