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Offer to Edit and Layout Monographs

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As some here might know, I used to edit and produce the Unbound Book fanzine, and previously laid out a couple of the Stormbringer Monographs back in the day. While I'm not intending to throw myself into something like a fanzine again (I really don't think that there is a 'space' for such a publication these days), I am interested in offering my "abilities" to help out with the layout/editing any Monographs that might be being prepped for delivery to Chaosium now or in the future.

If you are interested, please feel free to PM me.

Marcus (Binder of the Unbound Book)

P.S. I am posting this here as I can't seem to post in the Monograph and Supplements forum.

Stormbringer! - Exploring the worlds of the Eternal Champion at http://www.stormbringerrpg.com

Unbound Publishing - Bringing back the fear - http://www.unboundbook.org

DCtRPG.info - Supporting Dark Conspiracy across the decades - http://www.darkconspiracytherpg.com

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