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Shortswords? You want shortswords?


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Forged in Fire, a US show that asks bladesmiths to construct and then test historical blades, did a show on the Greek xiphos, the Bronze Age shortsword of the phalanx. Certainly this isn't a battle test, but it's a good approximation. In past episodes with other blades, the show has used ballistic dummies, suspended hog carcasses, and other media to test blade sharpness, durability, and handling.

Link below for those interested.


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I have a friend who tried his hand at forging short swords out of old railroad spikes.  As it happens, a single spike was just about the perfect amount of steel to forge a blade and tang.  It also took a massive amount of effort to re-mill by hand.  Balance, though, was the real challenge.  Unsharpened, it makes one hell of a billy club.


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Ha! Railroad ties. That's a hoot.
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