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Does anyone have a Gods of Law Character Sheet floating about?


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Normally I'd just have the players write out their own sheet or mark up an Elric! sheet but this will be for a pbp game. Some of the players aren't very solid on the rules either. I figured a good character sheet could be very beneficial. I also figured that if anyone could save me some work making my own, it would be the good people on this forum. ;)

If I end up making one myself I'll be sure to post it here.

Thanks all!


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Looks cool.

Can't offer any comment on the actual mechanics of the sheet since I don't know the system. But I guess the one thing is what you or others want out of a character sheet. I personally like multiple page ones with a lot of room and detail in it. For me it reduces the need to flip through the book when I need to do or change something. Some people like just having everything on one page so it's all there in front of them. But like you said since it's for a pbp game, it probably isn't necessary to make multiple pages and just give the essential nuts and bolts in a simple format.

Like the font on the headers. Which one is it?

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Yeah, it's currently in a state that needs a lot of work. It's very much at brainstorming level right now. Then it needs to be cleaned up and prettified and such. Likely, the back sheet would looks very similar to the back sheet of the Elric! game, just using the different fonts and format.

Champion of Order is Epistolar, the various category headings are UnZialish.


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Thanks man! It's Pages, which is a lot like Publisher.

I was thinking about your response further up about space for mechanics. I'm currently putting together the backside of this sheet, which currently seems to be drawing heavily from the character sheet for the Corum game. This includes a lot of space for in game social contacts and notes on in game events. It will also have a place for Equipment and Spells.

Now I'm thinking about reorganizing the layouut though. I'm wondering if I shouldn't shift Theurgy to the backsheet and bring Equipment up front. Give it room to breathe, space wise. I'm actually tempted to put Focus Skills in the back to give more room for what a given focus skill does but it seems like Focus Skills should be with Skills...


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