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News re corebook?


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9 hours ago, Archivist said:

Release date?

Chaosium doesn't give "release dates" until relatively close to the release.
Their experience is, fans get disappointed & angry if the dates are missed -- even if the problem is entirely outside Chaosium's control.

Given the supply-chain / shipping / logistics issues, authors & artists & others coming down with covid, etc etc etc... there are a *LOT* of factors outside their control!

Presume the status is still whatever it was last announcement.
It's a little further along in that process (e.g. if it was "in layout" it's STILL in layout, but further along).

The only "status" I know of, actually, is "working on" it (which admittedly is just all sorts of vague, in a wrapper of imprecision.
But still -- presume they're still "working on" it.

Anything more substantive, @Ian Cooper (I presume you're The Guy who's best situated to answer this) ?

If other subforums here on BRPC are anything to go by, it will be a pinned topic in THIS subforum, as soon as they have it ready.

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