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Play By Post?

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Hey everyone!

Has anyone ever participated in a Pendragon 'play-by-post' game on one of the many online forums out there? I'm considering running the new starter set scenario in this manner, and if successful, continuing with meatier stuff once the new edition is released.

There are likely very few if any players near me where I live in darkest Wiltshire (near Stonehenge) and for family reasons I can't commit to long online real-time sessions at the moment. Play-by-post seems like it might work but I'd value any opinions from those who've experience the game in this format.


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I was in a 4e game that, like most PbP games, only existed briefly.  This was on Myth-Weavers.  

I can say that the game adapts well to that format as far as what we did.  However, there was essentially no combat before it ended, and combat is often the place where PbP games bog down.  

I can also say that there was plenty of interest and several reliable players (the game ended because of the GM’s RL pressures, not because the players stopped posting).

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3 hours ago, Voord 99 said:

combat is often the place where PbP games bog down.  

I would honestly just trust the GM to roll everything out and post the outcome. Most of the time, it would be a simple opposed rolls until something interesting happens, and the players could write out their general tactics*, too. Although in KAP, Uncontrolled attack or Defensive usually come to play when something else has gone right or wrong already. But as long as it is just chipping paint from the shields or minor bruising (a few hp or less) in damage, the combat can pretty much continue without player input.

* The most common situation that comes up in our games is what do you do if you are knocked down, or you knock the enemy down? Or other similar dis/advantage, such as rearming. Are you going defensive or trying to attack at -5 to hit the enemy before they hit you with an Uncontrolled attack and vice versa?

Once something interesting happens, the GM can post the results, such as after 3 rounds of fighting, Sir A has managed to knock his opponent down, but Sir B has been knocked unconscious, and his opponent is moving to gang up on Sir C, who is stalemating his opponent. Does Sir A stay to finish his opponent off, or hurry to help Sir C (intercepting Sir B's opponent), risking that his own opponent will get up next round and maybe join the fight the round after that?

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